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Heavy Armor Killers Vs. GeQ Infantry: A Comparative analysis.
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Default Heavy Armor Killers Vs. GeQ Infantry: A Comparative analysis.

In Khaldun's Thread entitled "What's best to take out heavy armor?" there is discussion about the strengths/weaknesses of different heavy armor killing options in the tau arsenal. The units which are included are the railhead, the broadside, the piranha w/fusion, and the crisis suit with fusion. He neglects to mention the stealth suit with fusion, but I think he knew we 'd all know the potential of a 2 point fusion blaster which infiltrates on a stealth suit. ;D

But just because these various units can kill armor, how do they fair against Hordes?

Just because one should specialize doesn't mean one should not crosstrain.

So which of these armor killing bad boys can still put the hurt on GEQ?

Rail head
Submunition, secondary weapon. This should be enough to convince anyone of the railheads multirole value. The problem with multi role is you need to take multiples of em to make sure they are successful in their mission. Still I do like the Submunition...

Rank 9/10

Because of their immobility, they can get caught easily by high mobility units, still their SMS makes no approach vector safe. But in the end the SMS could easily be on an HH as well.

Rank 4/10

Suits w/fusion
Depending on the secondary weapon(if any). Fusion suits can be decent at killing horde GeQ With their versatility of weapon selection it really gives them an edge in multi role. Therefore.

Rank 2-8/10 (Depends on how you kit them)


A fusioned Piranha relies on its drones to do any damage to GeQ. Even then, the ability to pin is the best thing they could hope for. The fact that they get their gun drones "in the face" of the enemy earlier than is normally possible gives the Piranha a slight bonus over the Hammerhead equipped with drones. Also, because the drones early proximity to the enemy lines, I've notied the Piranha kills way more GeQ than my broadside.

Rank 6/10

Stealth suits with fusion.

Simply rocks GeQ because they still have stealth and mostly BC. With TA or Gun Drones they match GeQ even better.

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Default Re: Heavy Armor Killers Vs. GeQ Infantry: A Comparative analysis.

I'm not big on stealths with fusion. The few times I've tried it the performance degradation was severe. Light vehicles don't need fusion, and the range differential forces some extremely unhealthy approaches unless your opponent gets really careless. Plus that's two elite models not doing anything while you JSJ some GEQs.

And then you have the actual tank-hunting. At 12" the fusion gun isn't all that spectacular, and neither are our stealth-fields. At under 6" (why not just rail it from 6 feet away?) you're just asking to be severely punished for spending time getting so close; usually in the open. Is one (potentially) dead russ really worth losing 6 suits? Better to just shoot the rear from afar like our burst cannons let us do I say. Only things you CAN'T burst from the rear are monoliths and landraiders... but fusion's not that great against either of those either.

I'd rate stealths with fusion around 4/10. Awesome in theory, but with two near-useless models in practice most of the time, or unecessary risks. GEQ and light vehicles, or rears of heavies (possibly even with marking a seeker if you want) is already specialised and versatile enough.

Broadsides: I usually have the SMS on my broadsides instead of plasma. Mostly because its cheaper, but the interdiction zone this creates for GEQ or horde types is definitely an asset, even when just psychological. I'd actually give these a 7/10; they're not mobile but they're not THAT easy to approach if you do it right. Especially when that ionhead's got some too, as do your warfish.

a scattered drop-pod once tried its luck (unwillingly) in this way. 16 smart missiles and an angry CIB/PR commander made sure that wasn't gonna happen again.
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Default Re: Heavy Armor Killers Vs. GeQ Infantry: A Comparative analysis.

Broadsides seem almost totally useless but I use stealths and they certainly have an edge against infantry, especially when you pack in the drones.

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Default Re: Heavy Armor Killers Vs. GeQ Infantry: A Comparative analysis.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Stealths with a fusion should not be used to HUNT enemy armour. The mere fact that you have a fusion blaster in the squad makes all tanks think twice before they roll in against that flank/building/orwhatever. To me, that is the way to use fusion in stealth-squads, as a "if needed" weapon that scares tanks. I've had Russes driving the long way round several times, just because a fusion blaster in a stealth squad, making them largely ineffective for a whole battle.
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Default Re: Heavy Armor Killers Vs. GeQ Infantry: A Comparative analysis.

Stealths are the scare factor in my army. Heck, if I had the money I would have 2 full squads in my 2000 piont list.

Just like eveyone else said, FBs are useless in practical terms. I find that multi-role suits are only good if they have targetlocks. However, because of the stealthfield's nature you are essentially exposing 6 AP3 fire magents when using the FB (heck, any suit with a FB is a AP3 fire magnet). Bt would you sacrifice a minimun of 184 pionts for 2 FBs? A Sunforge Crisis is a better option if you want FBs galore. (or even FB piranahas).
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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