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Tau Video Game???
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Default Re: Tau Video Game???

Originally Posted by ToastMaster
Guns+RPGs=don't mix.
What about a "Mercenaries" type game? :huh:

This combines guns with a mild RPG-ish format. You can present a plot, go on missions, provide character depth, etc.
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Default Re: Tau Video Game???

Like Unreal meets World of Warcraft... yeah, it's a good idea, but everyone has ideas... unfortunately.
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Default Political Correctness

Originally Posted by Ui Veta
Well, he (by far) isn't offending me, mostly because I'm no fan of political correctness. I know what he means... and by 'gay' he doesn't mean homosexual - you should know that lol... he means that it's stupid.
I'm not LOLing, because gay means two things: homosexual or joyful. Which does the pejorative use refer to? If he said something like, "it's a [racial epithet] game", you wouldn't say, "Oh, I'm no fan of political correctness." I don't appreciate people indicating that something is stupid/lame/bad by calling it "homosexual". That's what the term means, so let's not bandy about with words here.
Scary Tau.
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Default Re: Tau Video Game???

Originally Posted by Suicide
well im srry for calling you stupid and Behdini how is "gay" offending you if i may ask
Attacking the sexual perferance of 10% of the planet is very offensive, and as a Bisexual, I want to rip your punny head off right now.

I am seeing a Hitman esque game.
You pick your weapons before the game starts, and you can swap them out for weapons in game.
You get stronger. Faster. Tougher.
And get to use Battlesuits and Hammerheads. That would be sweet.
But you need an insane devolper, like bugie, or Day:1:Studios to pull it of, and you need a Fable-meets-Halo-engine to run it right. And you need someone yo can do GOOD voice overs.

Set it in the D. Gulf Crusade, you fight the Imperials to a stale mate on Dal'yth. The you Battle your way through the reclomation of Tau worlds and the assimlation of Imperials into the empire. Kill some Orks. Then Battle a Splinter Fleet from the Tyranid threat. After the battle with the nids, you are attacked an borded by Eldar Pirates. You beat off the Pirates, you take sever damage, and your ship crashes. On a FARSIGHT WORLD!

That way you get to fight every one.
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Default Re: Tau Video Game???

As I said these forums are here for serious discussions that are also civil. Gay is an offencive term to a great deal of people across the world and obviously to more than a few on these forums are likely to be very offended just like any other derogatory term. So enough on the subject or Ill start handing out smites.

Now as for the Tau lifespan it is long but no one ever said you had to play the whole thing. Much of the career could be spent doing simple tasks like clean up missions, minor skirmishes or even simple recon, patrol or even guard duty. Those points can be passed up and years can be jumped over at a time. For instance in the game Grim Fandango you jump a year after every major series of tasks and a bunch of things change in that time passed. Thus you could fight your bloody way through the damocles campaign and then leap forward 1, 3, 5 or even 10 years to this particular Firewarrior participates in another large operation. In this way the game can progress in a number of measured chapters that wouldnt necessarily mean a very, very long game. Ive seen it done before.

Also theres nothing wrong with length. Star Ocean was rediculously long but it still sold quite well. Ill admit though GW after the failure of Firewarrior is not likely to try it again. GW seems to lack insight. On the other hand I dont think they can try anything else with LotR. Unlike Warhammer and Warhammer 40k they cant make games or books out of it I gather. Their lisence probably does not allow too much.

Something GW needs to try is getting a solid grasp on both the character and the scale of Warhammer 40k. If they are going to make a game you need to be able to get into your character either with a few set characters that are flushed out or a character you create and specify. They also need to use an engine and style that shows the mass scale of engagements as best possible. That does not mean you have to do something like Kessen which can really quite detatch you from the individial, gritty combat which is a great aspect but knowing that there is a lot going on around you can heighten the gaming experience. Firewarrior was ok but it did not really capture the idea of 40k. What it did do with the theme and fluff it did fairly well but it was based on a rather flawed engine. If GW is going to try again they need to do it right. Dawn of War may be their excuse to try again with something else.

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Default Re: Tau Video Game???

Originally Posted by Suicide
well im srry for calling you stupid and Behdini how is "gay" offending you if i may ask
Because the context you used it in has got people smote in the past and you unsurprisingly are only evading a smite for flaming here because Vash has already ruled on the matter... Now let me remind you to stop calling things "gay" and start reading the rules.

To everyone, we'll not discuss this matter any further here. Feel free to PM me if you want a chat on why you're not to call things gay in an insulting context.

I've always pondered the idea of a 40k RPG myself, as after all, an Inquisitorial warband fits very well, and every race's background has some way towards an RPGlike setting. Guns and RPG's should mix but games developers have thus far not bothered to try.
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Default Re: Tau Video Game???

I think it would be an epic challenge just writ one part of a young shas'las life on the line. you cannot imagine the difficulties involved in believably portraying an alien culture. For it to be done well would be an experience you would not soon forget. But will we ever see it??? Yes.....But only if we can pull our heads out of our asses and not use idiotic language and name calling such as GAY!!!! >
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Default Re: Tau Video Game???

Originally Posted by Del S
Guns and RPG's should mix but games developers have thus far not bothered to try.
Actually it has been done. The Fallout games are quite good... at least most of them are. Guns in a futuristic wasteland RPG. I rather like them but they appeal to certain tastes more than others. Still its an example that it has at least been done. They even did a more squad based tactical one. Fallout Tactics which was pretty cool. Not sure if I want to see a Warhammer game too much like them though.

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Default Re: Tau Video Game???

I'm Not shure of the time span but the game could begin with the closing of the democules gulf crusade and end with you (as an old wisened Shas'O) meeting a young recently promoted shas'ui called Puertide

I don't have my codex with me to check the time gap for that but if it is too long it could begin with you being in training with Puertide and end in the third sphere expansion, including the Farsight break-pff and the rise of shadowsun.

I guess I would just like to see Puertide's history explored further.

The game could even be tackled from the perspective of Puertide of Farsight but it would be hard to acheive and GW might not wan't that to be explored until they release info on it.
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Default Re: Tau Video Game???

Yea, personally i love the idea, and i was thinking about something like this before: maybe it could be a FPS /RPG mix, where you purchase weapons, ammo, genetic enhancements/implants, armor, while earning an income as an FPS soldier on a 3D battlefield (your 3D too, like playing a FPS), with realtime combat against other active players (MMORPG), on a different faction (space marines/imperial guard?).

-This is just my idea
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