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new guy to TAU (sort of) come read all u TAU players
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Default new guy to TAU (sort of) come read all u TAU players

Ok, i am a starting TAU player dont got a full army yet (only 2 full FW squads) planning on playing with 750pts in warhammer 40k league in a store close to my house i just wanted to noe hav any u guys had like amazing victories wen starting out?or just some cool ones just post em here id like to read them and if u hav any advice on versing certain armies or anything ;D ;D
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Default Re: new guy to TAU (sort of) come read all u TAU players

Welcome, for specific advice on certain armies try doing a forum search.

As far as what you should get next, finish out your Force Organization chart by getting a commander crisis suit. Then read around here and figure out what style you want to play.

The three styles are Mech, Static, and Hybrid.

After you have your style you'll have an idea of what units you will want next.

As far as cool victories, try doing a forum search for "[BatRep]".

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Default Re: new guy to TAU (sort of) come read all u TAU players

Ahem first off mind your grammar. This is not a chat room, dont treat it as such. That said welcome to the Tau. If you want to read about battles do a forum search on battle reports and for advice there is tons floating around and a lot on specific enemies. All this available with a simple forum search.

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