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Need...battle...help...and a few q's
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Default Need...battle...help...and a few q's

Got a few questions, but basically I need help battling an IG+Chaos force. First off, I need to know which side has more pts, and secondly, I need some advice as how alter my army list to better defeat them. Today, my side had:

Helios wondersuit
2 Fireknives
3 Stealths
24 Fire Warriors, 2x 'ui, 2x lights, 2x tl's, 1x photon grenades
10 Kroot
8 Drones
Railhead, D-Launchers, D-pods, Burst Cannons, Multi, TL
Ionhead, same
(Unused models were 6 kroot, 3 stealthsuits, ethereal w/ hon. blade, xv8 w/ airburst and burst cannon)
Total: 1074 pts
I tried to make this list fair and balanced, cause it was a friendly game.
In addition, a necron player was on my team, and he brought:

Necron Lord, Veil of Darkness, Resurrection
14 Necron Warriors
2x Scarab swarms (6 bases total)
72pts (i think)

Total: 524pts

So all together we had about 1600pts. But my enemies...I don't know what they had, so I am asking for someone to please give me an estimate of their total pts.
Their armies contained:


8 CSM, heavy bolter, aspiring champ, powerfist
8ish berzerkers, mark of khorne, 2 Chainaxes
1 Friggn daemon prince, with a ton of crap, BUT it had some special thing that allowed it to be un-instantkillable.
1 Predator, some mutated hull thing, lascannon sponsons, twin linked lascannon turret.

Imperial Guard

13 guardsmen, plasma gun, flamer
1 sarge w/ powerfist
1 commissar, bolt pistol
2 Leman russes, extra armor
1 basilisk, indirect fire, extra armor

Total: ???????

I would have gotten utterly crushed, except my friends never like to finish a whole game :-\
wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii
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