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Tau interaction with Eldar?
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Default Re: Tau interaction with Eldar?

Great Comment about theGreat Library.

Don`t forget that war also is detrimental to progress - I`m not talking about PREPARING for war, as this, usually, brings enormous progress (at keast in the "killing people and rbeaking their stuff"-department).
But after a war has broken out, progress is made impossible - think of Germany BEFORE WWII (one of the most advanced countries in the world) and AFTER it (a bombed-out shell).
Besides, religious/miscancellous prejudice (as already mentioned) is hindering mankind as well.

I guess 2000 years is a DAMN long time, espeially for the Tau - a race that breeds faster, ages faster, and needs less sleep (I suppose they are quicker on the uptake as the average human, as well) - so i think this progress is not THAT mysterious.

As for the Tau created by the Eldar.... meh! Eldar don?t have technology to do this (of course they would never admit this).
But they certainly protected the emerging empire at least ONCE (Orc Waagh - mentioned in BFG: Armada)
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Default Re: Tau interaction with Eldar?

The Tau age faster? How long do they live? All I can remember is that I read somewhere that Farsight would be about 300 years old now, which is longer than a Tau lifespan. I couldn't find any specifics about their lifespan, though.

Sorry if this goes a bit off topic, but it'd be pointless to make a new post for such a meager question. :P
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Default Re: Tau interaction with Eldar?

Compare the short period of the rise of the Tau - which I thought was more like SIX thousand years from manimal to modern Tau - with that of H. sapiens. We have been around for about 100,000 years in our modern form. In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, that's some additional 40,000 years... Heck, the Tau weren't around when the Horus Heresy happened. The Tau weren't even around when Gorkamorka was set. If my timeline is correct, M35 is when they first started "using fire"... the Wikipedia entry says,
The first contact the Imperium of Man had with the Tau occurred late in the 35th millennium, when an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator fleet came across an inhabited star system in the Damocles Gulf. Studies of the life-supporting planet of this system, which would later come to be known as T'au, revealed an arid world with abundant xenodiversity. One species of savannah-dwellers had mastered the use of tools and fire, but the Adeptus Mechanicus teams decided that there was no worth in their continued existence, and T'au was marked for cleansing and colonisation. A colonisation fleet was dispatched, but freak warp storms destroyed the starships, and isolated the system for some time.
Scary Tau.
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Default Re: Tau interaction with Eldar?

I've heard an Eldar quote (not shure of the wording or who it was from) "The Tau are this universe's greatest hope." which seems to indicate a favorable view by the Eldar, but up until now there has been no major interaction.

They seem like a perfect pairing once they both got over their arrogence (Tau thinking that the Eldar sould join their empire because of fate ad the Eldar regarding the Tau as worthless children[their attitude to most races]), the tau are, have growing manpower and an empire ready to explode, the Eldar are old with a civilisation dwindling on the border of exinction and enourmous amounts of wisdom and experience.

The Eldar could rebuild their civilisation through the Tau empire, and the Tau could gain the experience and knowledge they need to remove their Empire's boundaries.

Thats the way I see it, but GW won't let it happen because the Tau/Eldar alliance would seriously kick ass in a way which would cripple the imperium and several other races.

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