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Considering starting tau ....... Again
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Default Considering starting tau ....... Again

when I first discovered 40k I bought some tau painted them up , now after a while I changed to imperial guard but now I have about 1k of imperial guard I think its time to start fresh , and I'm considering starting tau again , with the new units and also because I never played tau even if I did buy a few models , I may be going through to GW tommorow and there is a chance I will buy a tau box to test colour schemes etc

my question is should I buy the fire warriors box or the codex?

p.s anyone got any good themes or colour schemes , no blue or black as that was my last scheme , I'm thinknig about hot colours like red, orange and yellow with the occasional white marking

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Default Re: Considering starting tau ....... Again

Always buy the codex first, always. Then you can buy Fire Warriors.

I suggest you draw up a list of what you think would work (400-750 points), we'll help you work it out, and then buy what is on the list. Play a few games with it, and make changes.

Build your army progressively. Build in chunks of 250 points (just a guideline), so it could go from 500-750-1000 etc. etc.

Play with the list until you are comfortable, and only then increase your army size. You should probably paint as you go, too.

As for colour schemes, I'm quite partial to the Sac'ea septs grey-and-black scheme (although, there are other reasons why I like them).

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