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Okay, now its time to panic
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Old 09 Aug 2006, 12:32   #1 (permalink)
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Default Okay, now its time to panic

Well i have a problem

I have been playing an incredible amount at my local battle bunker for the auction credits, and now suddenly i find out that i am the Tau champion and i have to fight it out with the rest of the other races champions to represent the store.

Thing is, i have only been playing for about three or four months! I need an army that is, essentially a "kill everything" army. I sadly lack this because i design my armies on the spot depending on point costs and the enemy army. Here is what i have.

Up to 5 Fire warrior squads
1 full kroot carnivore squad

1 Full stealth team (three spares in case a second squad is nessicary)
1 Plasma squad (all twin linked plasma)
1 missile squad (all twin linked missile pods)
1 Anti tank squad (two twin linked fusion blasters and one twin linked plasma)
1 Anti personelle squad (one twin linked flamer, one twin linked burst cannon, one plasma and one burst cannon)

Shas'O R'Myr
2 bodyguards (which can be used as HQ's)

Fast attack
2 full pathfinder squads(rail rifles or marker lights)
1 full piranah squad
10 vespids including strain leader.

I also have a whole mess of drones.

please help!
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Old 09 Aug 2006, 13:39   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Okay, now its time to panic

Here is your main problem.

You learn nothing by tailoring your army to who you are playing. Sure you can win a lot if you do it but it teaches you nothing at all.

Everyone should have a list that can take on all comers. This means you put an army together that can fight orks, space marines, eldar and all the other races. This list should be balanced to take on 2h2 and shooty armies.

You are Tau and being Tau you should be 100% shooty. Don't waste points with Kroot or any troop that you think is good for h2h. The enemy should never reach you unless they all infiltrate. And believe me there is a way to make it hard for someone to infiltrate on you in mass numbers.

I myself am the best Tau player in the area I play in. I retired them because I was winning way to much with them. That was with 1-3 list that I had. I like to change my lists up so people do not tailor vs me. So you knew you had 3 armies you'd face against me.

You have a bunch of options with the Tau and you should use them.

If you take Broadsides you should take a Hammerhead with an Ion Cannon. Hell you can take 2 with Ion Cannons if you wanted to.

With the above set up you use Marker lights to make your HH's hit on 2+. Thats 6 AP3 shots. Thats a Space Marine squad mounted in a Razorback. That is strong.

If you take 2 Hammerheads with Railguns you don't need to take broadsides. To help out vs troops you could take Plasma's on your Crisis Suits.

So many options.

One of the main things as a Tau player you have to have at the LEAST 3 squads of FW's. I like 4 squads of 10 w/ the leader having a markerlight and target lock. I run the line with this tactic. I shoot FW1 squad into Unit A of the enemies. My leader will marker light that unit. I will give a +1 if my ML hits to FW2 squad and they will fire into Unit A as my leader picks Unit B of the enemy. I continue till all my FW's have fires. My last leader can just fire or put a ML into a Tank.

Markerlights are so important with Tau now. So you should have some of them. You dont' have to take Pathfinders but FW leaders can be your Pathfinders. Plus FW leaders are harder to kill out of a unit.

Where FW's are your fire base the Crisis Suit will swing the outcome your way. You have to be smart on using them. My new setup on CS's because of the new points cost is as follows.

2 CS w/ TLMP and TL, 1 CS w/ MP/BC/MT
3 CS w/ PR/BC/MT
2 CS w/ TLFB and TL, 1 CS w/ FB/BC/MT

This is the best setup I have found.

Stealth suits should never take FB's. In my mind you can't justify being 12 inches away from a target. Stealth suits do not win you h2h. You want to be as far away as possible.

FoF tactic no matter how many people tell you it's strong it just isn't all that. I can shoot 6 turns with FW's standing in one spot or I can shoot less than 3 turns with the FoF tactic.

**Before you all get on me for bad mouthing the FoF tactic I will tell you this. FoF has never done anything to me yet. Never has and as long as I don't have my head up my butt it will never affect me in the future.**

Don't tell me I haven't played the right person. I've player very good players and they have all lost the units from the DF that dropped off troops.

Remember the first part of this post. Your lists should be vs any army. If you ask a person what army they are playing and you tailor your list then you are not a very good player.
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Old 09 Aug 2006, 13:45   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Okay, now its time to panic

Ok, i suggest that you use Shas'O R'Myr and have 2 bodygaurds. buy an actual ethereal for the special ability stuffs (aun'shi cant be used with the new rules). use all five squads and ditch the kroot cause kroot are useless without armor save. Keep both pathfinder squads (to disrupt and annoy his troops). Keep the vespids (MARINE KILLAHS!!!). Drones are only usefull for pinning so dont use them. Also if you want i think u could stay the ethereal and use shadowsun as the second HQ. Hmm....Keep the stealths and the anti tank squad (you never know ;D). Then u can add what ever squad u want for elites. The thing u really need though is heavy support Hammerheads, skyrays, broadsides, da woiks. alright i hop this will work ;D

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Old 09 Aug 2006, 14:50   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Okay, now its time to panic

I would say keep a small kroot squad. They are the closest thing we have to a hand to hand unit but against anything with better inicitive will roll over kroot. Use them as a speed bump to slow down you opponent and allow time for you to organize your army to meet the threat. A squad of ten is nice and cheap and is also very effective. And with a sudo-bolter they are very shooty. I'm guessing that you'll play cities of death in you trials as champion and kroot are great in this along with Vespid but thats for another day.

Have a full squad of Pathfinders because they are a support unit and aren't too be used in bulk when you already have Markerlights in the Fire Warriors. Use some Piranhas to jet up and scare the bejesus out of your opponent. And if you have a fusioning one definantaly add that to the mix. Vespids are also very good against any kind of power armour. But then the disks of doom are also good to for all of you haters out their. A squad of drones can deep strike behind enemy armour where you need it and take it out with S 5 guns. Also they are annoying as hell.

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Old 09 Aug 2006, 15:51   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Okay, now its time to panic

I've never gone wrong with a Crisis Team with TL Missile Pods/Targeting Array. They are a good all 'rounders. They perform light anti-tank beautifully, they kill bugs/Elves/Orks/IG dead, and they make marines take an awful amount of 3+ saves. Also with their range and JSJ they can control a LOT of the battlefield.
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Old 09 Aug 2006, 16:09   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Okay, now its time to panic

If you need a special character you are not a good general. I laugh inside when people put down a special character. It = weakness.

Go with what I said and you can't go wrong.
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Old 09 Aug 2006, 16:13   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Okay, now its time to panic

I'd stay away from ethereals. all they need to do is kill it and there goes 1/3 of your army running for the hills.

R'myr is awesome. Wish I had that double-barreled plasma. I'd pay 30 points for that. Unlike many specials he's not really all that special, so its not like you're bringing in that Vect-dude with the slavegirls. Now if you want a take-allcomers list, you'll need a bit of everything. Luckily pulse weapons are a bit better than bolters. Alternatively, PR/CIB commanders can shred any infantry from afar, from gaunts to termies.

Plasma is good, you'll want some for MEQ and termies. I really don't trust vespid though. Too many "ifs, buts" and "when/after" in their usage. We've plenty of stuff that can "move in to finish things off" already, and they simply aren't all that accurate or durable. Markerlights you say? well if you'd used it to up the BS of the unit they have to now finish the job for, maybe you wouldn't need these expensive unarmored bugs in the first place. a gundrone or three would be enough, if that.

Missile pods are critical. They're ideal against eldar, they're great against 'nids and carapaced IG, and they have somewhat decent range. Anything short of AV14 is in trouble facing a number of these things. Its rare you can't find a good use for a missile pod somewhere, whether popping skimmers and transports or wasting a farseer.

Burst cannons will be happy on your stealths. Stealths are efficient and durable, since being outranged means much less to them: beyond 36" no direct fire can target them without a blacksun-filter type system, and even within that, there's a chance they won't even get to fire at you at all. Big psychological bonus, even when that chance is barely half. Plus they chew through non-carapaced guardsmen or orks. Your crisis suits are probably better off as deathrains, helios and fireknives.

Don't discount drones: a squad of them is dirt-cheap and they're quite reliable, if not particularly great at anything. They'll demolish rear armor or weaker GEQ, but are cheap enough that you don't need to fear losing them. Plus they're great at tying things up or harassing. The vehicle-mounted pairs are even worse; since they count as a (points-less since its in the vehicle cost) unit (that can't capture mind you), you can force priority checks all over the place, shield an IC, tie up assaulters... all that firepower and powerfist-swinging wasted on a lousy pair of drones while REAL units stay just a little further behind unscathed. I always make sure to have 2-3 such vehicle-mounted pairs; serious annoyance.

Pathfinders are nice if its a really large points game: plenty of markerlights, an extra warfish. Obviously you're not taking them for their carbine; you could just take drones for that.
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Old 09 Aug 2006, 16:24   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Okay, now its time to panic

Special characters don't equal weakness at all Tau Captian. In some cases they show that the player is better skilled than you. Don't go judging people by what they play as a general.

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Old 09 Aug 2006, 17:39   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Okay, now its time to panic

My only issue with specials is they're damn expensive in many cases. That's a lot of points in something that won't hold an objective. A small one's a good deal, but those 180+ point guys? not necessarily all that good a choice in a thousand points or maybe even 1500 depending on what else you take.

While some are particularly cheap, most seem to be pretty much countered by their cost.
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Old 09 Aug 2006, 20:24   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Okay, now its time to panic

broadsides with TL plasma and A.S.S. and a team leader with multi-tracker. poping bolth tanks and infantry, or transports and cargo, or monstrus creatures, or necrons, or...
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