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Stealth Teams
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Stealth Teams

Ok, since ive joined this board ive heard alot about how stealth teams are are very useful elite to have. As ive never used them, could someone explain why for 180 pts and six models with only decent mid-range firepower and their abilities are so good? Maybe some specific examples from games where they really shined?

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Default Re: Stealth Teams

Simple they are move and fire short-ranged heavy bolters. The suits are hard to hit and are an inexpensive-relatively speaking- alturnitive to Crisis suits. They can kill Marines so- so, but murder eldar and really murder orks, tyranids, guardians, and guardsmen.
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Default Re: Stealth Teams

Quote from This thread

Originally Posted by [ maCe
link=topic=990.msg14566#msg14566 date=1093055801]
consider this, 1 stealthsuits costs the same as 3 basic FW's, it has teh same amount of shots, slightly less range, BUT
- it has jetpack, making it a lot more mobile
- burst cannon isnt rapid fire
- stealthsuits have holo field thing,
- stealthsuits can infiltrate,
- when used properly, stealthsuits can effectively avoid all incoming fire
- they survive a lot better in assualts
- they have a better armour save then normal FW's

so, what do you think? all that just for 6-12" less range?
- u can get away with only 6" less range when compared to fw's as you manouvre your stealthsuits to within 18" of the enemy, shoot, assualy move 6" back. this means that stealthsuits can operate from a range of 24", and use cover to their advantage - a lot - due to the jetpack rules and ignoring terrain etc.
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Default Re: Stealth Teams

Well think about it. They have weopons with lotsa shots, decent armor, hard to see at range, and can jump back into cover. They are exelent for harrasing an enemies flank or DSing to his/her rear lines and causeing chaos among his army. They are also good for springing ambushes on unsuspecting units and can cover a FCW squad well. I use them since they rarely ever draw attention in my experience. In all the time I have used them they have never been hunted but are only targeted when they begin to bring enemy squadS (Noticed the cap S) below 50%. BUT do not think they are front liners they are ment for flank running and they do it oh so well.

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Default Re: Stealth Teams

And they can pretty much sit out in the open and be immune to enemy fire.. unless your opponent gets some really lucky dice rolls..
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