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wich way to go?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default wich way to go?

i've just recently started 40k with some friends and played a few trial games with my tau.
of course, i want to expand my rabble into an army. but i don't know wich way to go...
should i go mechanized, static or in between? i don't have any pro's or cons yet, just one for mechanized:
what i've read about mech tau is that it's mainly being mobile, to me it sounds like running away all the time
shooting wile doing that. that doesn't seem a lot of fun and certainly not of fun to play against (i need to keep
my friends my friends if i want to keep playing 40k

thanks in advance
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Default Re: wich way to go?

mech tau will be a lot more fun and isnt necessarily running away....in fact the opposite..you advance your fire warriors up to the enemy and make use of the fire warriors excellent rapid fire weaponary. I would take a mix in between static (you want a solid firebase with some firewarriors and broadsides and pathfinders when you get a large army) but mostly mech (hammerheads....crisis and stelath teams and fishes). To start off with get the codex if you havent already...then get the battleforce(only battleforce that gives you 2 troop choices and a hq)...then get another suqad of fire warriors and a hammerhead. From there you can start playing well sized battles and also you can expand how you see fit after playing and 'testing out' models and strategies, howveer i would advise buying the things i have suggested as it makes the backbone for an excellent tau force.
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Default Re: wich way to go?

I like a small firebase of Fw and kroot to give the opponent somewhere to go while my mobile squads circle the opponent and trim his no.s till he gets in range of the firebase and dies. ;D nice and simple, as 42 said its more redeploying to take advantsge of the new RF rules , and it also helps to maneuver opponents following you into crossfire lanes.
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Default Re: wich way to go?

thank you guys for your help
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