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Firewarrior operation?
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Old 07 Aug 2006, 05:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default Firewarrior operation?

Not sure if there's a tactica covering this, but I thought I might ask the general opinion of the forum...

How do you use your Firewarriors?

I'm thinking about playing with some alternate line-ups for my firewarriors- as in operating them as two groups of six with bonding knives rather than a full squad of 12. I was also wondering if attatching drones was a good idea- I just have enough for a G.D. Squad and that's how I operate them.

I have a list with two fire warrior squads of six with the BKnives, and one solid firing line of 12x. Support includes a shield-drone full Stealthforce (with a Bknife also), a Gundrone squadron, and Broadsides in the bushes, along with Glorious Leader swinging a CIB and a TL Plasma gun.

My root question is how do you use Firewarriors, and how is the best way to take them?
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Default Re: Firewarrior operation?

Leave the knives at home, bonding a unit so 3 or less FW''s may or may not rally is kind of a waste. I only run markerlights on small FW times. This way they have a broader range of targets to select. Even T8 units could be targeted just for the Marker hit.
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Default Re: Firewarrior operation?

Originally Posted by Norsehound
My root question is how do you use Firewarriors, and how is the best way to take them?
Poorly. But I'm working on fixing that.

I plan on running at least 1 mounted squad once I get a Devilfish for them, and I also plan to test a Pulse Carbine squad and see how they perform.

The best way to take them depends on your style of play. Large squads go well in a static army with markerlight support, while smaller squads can make good scoring units. Mounted squads are highly mobile and tougher to kill, but lose out on shooting efficiency.
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Default Re: Firewarrior operation?

I usually use 4 squads of 10 Firewarriors. I then leap frog them across the map so two squads can fire at full range and the other too move up. Its been working pretty well for me. I have been using this in my 1500+ pts lists.
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Default Re: Firewarrior operation?

I use them a couple of ways.

1st: firebase - 4 units of unupgraded 6.tau squads (or 1 upgraded 12tau squad, and a pair of unupgraded 6) clustered around a unit of shield droned XV88s led by an ethereal. comes to about 500 pts.

2nd: 1 fish of fury working independently to hunt down isolated infantry unit... lonewolf style

3rd: super upgraded full unit of honorguard escorting the ethereal (lead with mklight, target lock, with mklight drone, photon if cityfight)
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Default Re: Firewarrior operation?

I generally have two squads of six with ML and a TL on both Shas'uis. Basically they sit back and snipe in suport of my roaming suits and vehicles until the enemy gets close enough to close distance and rapid fire into oblivion.

I would make them one Mech unit with some kroot for the other troop choice, but my only DF model is automatically taken up by the Pathfinders stupid transport rule; one big waste of 40$ and 80 points. >

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Old 07 Aug 2006, 09:41   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Firewarrior operation?

Originally Posted by Norsehound
My root question is how do you use Firewarriors, and how is the best way to take them?

it depends. there's lots of ways to take them. and none of them is really the *best* way.

I've taken lists where i've had upwards of 50 fire warriors, and i've taken lists where i've just taken 8. they've both worked.

Personally, at the moment, i'm in a hugely mech-mood, so that means 3 hammerheads and one mounted squad of fire warriors (fluffy, as mantas only hold 4 vehicles) and the rest of the list is made up of suits. 2 shas'els and 6 regular XV8s.

A better question is: how do you want your fire warriors to work? what is the image going in your head? 8, or 80?
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Default Re: Firewarrior operation?

I use the classic 12-man fire warrior team with Shas'ui, bonding mounted in a devilfish. i have two teams that do off and they have taken down bloodletters, marines and all other types of units >. in mech tau this works perfect.

but you can allsow go for the static. allways have a broadside or sniper drones with your fire warriors. They benefit from each other very well.

but as i said, go for what you want, me ch or static or hybrid. your fire warriors can do miracles if you use them the right way.

i hope a helped you a bit
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Default Re: Firewarrior operation?

I always use at least 3 squads in games of all sizes, 12 man, photon grenades, and a markerlight sergeant.

although, with games 1000 and under, I use 8 man squads

and also a new addition to my tactics (which has proven effective): a 6 man squad, all with carbines, photon and EMP grenades, sergeant with bonding knife. they act as a commando squad, pinning key enemy units and blowing up pesky vehicles that hide from my railguns. On my first battle I used them in, they blew up a land raider in 3rd turn pinned the assault terminators that came out, killed 6/8 of them with their carbines, then charged and the 3 that survived the lightning claws killed them in assault!!!. usually only one of these units is enough as there isn&#39;t often many places a tank can hide from a railgun, and the 1 squad deals with the problem tank adequately. And what more, its a cheap unit.

I recommend it to you, try it!
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Default Re: Firewarrior operation?

My hybrid runs 4, 6 man static lines with a ML and TL shas&#39;ui
and 2, 10 man mounted pulse carbine toteing hunters. They are armed with photon and EMP grens.. Works well for me.
the 4 static lines can be coupled to make 2 if u choose but i like the extra MLs and the versatility.. My only problem is the lack of models (need to buy some more) because i would be running 4, 8-10 man statics after some point swapping.. I have taken down many a foe via this setup..

Hope this helps even if it helps you choose what not to play,,
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