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3rd post in a day (AP1 question)
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Default 3rd post in a day (AP1 question)

i know i have posted three things, but a question popped into my mind i dont want to forget it. i heard that AP1 weapons auto penetrate vehicles, is that true?
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Default Re: 3rd post in a day

Depends, if there is no cover, then yes they do, but with cover it is possible for that penetrating hit to be made a glance. Also skimmers moving fast reduce that to a glance.
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Default Re: 3rd post in a day

Not auto-pen, but they don't glance (a glance = a pen with AP1) unless the target is obscured (then it overrules the AP1 effect)
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Default Re: 3rd post in a day

This is made pretty clear in the "shooting at vehicles" section of the main rulebook (which you need ). But Orion has it right. The AP1 rules are also overridden by the rules for skimmers moving fast.
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