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Farsight or Loyalist (O'shassera or Aun'va)
View Poll Results: Which side?
Farsight 2 50.00%
Aun'va 1 25.00%
O'shasserra 1 25.00%
Bonus: Aun'Shi??? 0 0%
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Old 04 Aug 2006, 17:33   #1 (permalink)
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Default Farsight or Loyalist (O'shassera or Aun'va)

I say the enclaves cause my tau are the fightin tau!

I have taken down 2 space marine squads in CQC with one tau squad and a crisis suit. How do i do it? AWESOME ROLLS. Even though tau arent mennt to be in close combat i guve a nudge there.

Farsight is the way to go!

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Default Re: Farsight or Loyalist (O'shassera or Aun'va)

Farsight is shweet. "The Man" is surprising to say the least, perfect for tying up nasty things such as "Devestator Squads" or "Enemy Broadsides", or even "That which moves or shoots".
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Default Re: Farsight or Loyalist (O'shassera or Aun'va)

yes.... his armor-piercing rolls aren't 1/2 bad, either. I believe he auto-glances up to AV12, and that's on a roll of snake eyes....
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Default Re: Farsight or Loyalist (O'shassera or Aun'va)

Um I think your math might be a little bit off.

A lot off actually. To glance AV 12 he needs to roll a 7. That's the average of two dice.

He's good but he's not a guaranteed pen by a long shot.
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Default Re: Farsight or Loyalist (O'shassera or Aun'va)

i like farside ligicaly more, not realy by how good they are. i like to have units that can do more than 2 different things. shadowsun is real expencive and can lead an army, pretty good. then she can blast open tanks. she even ain't all too bad at killing meq's hopefully you are shooting at the insane 30,000 point chaos command squad, you know the one that you get if you buy every option for them available.

but realy folks, farside let's the tau do things they could never realy come close to (while arguably shadowsun is can give those nasty leaderships 10's. she is like a realy expencive etheral without the disadvantage and stealth and two fusion guns... now i want to take her) so he wins it for me. I read the space pope rules and then i reread them and try and fail to grasp what his point is. ****in 200 points for being dark angels. back on oshava anything that can rip through a tactical squad = extremly useful
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Default Re: Farsight or Loyalist (O'shassera or Aun'va)

I've got both sitting in the closet waiting to be built. But I think I like Farsight more. Shadowsun's got cool gear and all (which is why I bought her), but it's Farisight I'd go to for a beatdown >.
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