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So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.
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Default So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

I went today and picked up the army I mentioned in an earlier post. I was going to snap some photos at the shop but had to rush off to pick up my girlfriend. I'll try to snap some pictures of the units tomorrow (Bit too tired tonight) but I did sit down and pull everything out to have a look at. For $100, this is what I got:

- 37 Fire Warriors armed with Pulse Rifles
- 20 Fire Warriors armed with Pulse Carbines
- 29 Kroot (One Metal)
- 1 Metal Ethereal
- 3 Metal Stealth Suits
- 7 Metal Path Finders
- 21 Gun Drones
- 3 Devilfish (With bitz for a 4th I think?)
- 1 Krootox
- 2 Broadside suits
- 6 Crisis suits

Some of the units have broken arms/legs, but they're plastic and I think I can fix them with various bitz pieces I have laying here. I don't know what the Crisis suits are armed with, but hopefully I can get a "Counts As" pass, at least until I can figure out how to change them to whatever configuration I need. I also got an army carrying case with 6 really big foam bricks that I am not entirely sure what to do with. I was under the impression you cut slots out for your units, but Shane said that was a mistake a lot of people make; you are supposed to lay the units ontop of the foam and stack them ontop of eachother? But that sounds like it wouldn't be very stable and would risk breaking the plastic miniatures by stacking all that stuff on them.

So, I suppose I officially am part of the Greater Good. I need to get a new Tau Codex though so I can know what exactly it is I'm looking at.

It's close to being a completed 2,000 point Mech Tau army. All it needs I think are three Hammerhead units. I'd also like to pick up some Pirahna to replace my Kroot (I think Kroot are an ugly model). I don't know anything about a color scheme or anything, so will probably be making a lot of future posts here as I try to make sense of everything I have in this box, and how to form it into a fully functional army.

I would like to still use my fluff idea about an Imperial Guard unit that went over to the Tau, although sadly my models will not be able to reflect it as such (I can't afford to buy massive amounts of Imperial Guard for the arms/legs). However, when I write my fluff I will be molding it in that direction. Speaking of, if any of you more familiar with Tau than I am would be willing to help me out with the fluffy part of my army, I would greatly appreciate it. I admittedly know very little of Tau fluff, their society, or why they have excruciatingly long names that I find difficult to pronounce.

If I'm lucky, I may even be able to participate in Medusa V for the Tau. I've registered for the forum over there, but understand very little of what is going on (This would be the first campaign I've had a chance to involve myself in). I know it's rather late to be joining, but I'd like to offer what little help I can; maybe my former Imperial Guard regiment will get some official GW notice? Probably be labelled as a traitor, but it would be cool to get the notice anyway.

In case any of you are interested in helping me, I'll leave some ways to contact me (You can PM me on the board too, but I prefer instantaneous communication).

ICQ: 27544793
AIM: FrodotheLlama
MSN: nfjbs@hotmail.com

Again, I admit knowing very little about Tau. Up to this point I have only really been interested in playing Space Marines, and thus most of my tactics, fluff ability, and 40K knowledge is skewed towards them. I could use a lot of help understanding Tau, mainly from a fluff/background point of view, but also eventually from the tabletop (But most of what I learn there will come from experience I feel).

Help me serve the Greater Good.
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Default Re: So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

My god... for a $100... that's amazing.

Right now, you have a sturdy Hybrid list. I suggest you look at the Stickied Tacticas in the Tau section to see what I mean.
Originally Posted by Komrad
By the Holy Beard of the Prophet!
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Default Re: So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

say, buy skyrays, cause the come with the turrets for hammerhead and skyray!

plus i would much rather run 2 railheads and a skyray then 2 railheads and an ionhead wouldn't you? skyray could be realy useful to escort the more fradgil devilfish! +provide markerlights for firewarriors! I think one of these and a unit of pathfinders is all you need

+you should get some rail rifles for the pathfinders if you like em, they are pretty cheap and pretty good but make your pathfinders a bigger target. some people think this is bad for them to be such a target, but to me if you let your enemy past your firewarriors to get to the pathfinders then you would have lost even if you hadn't taken them haha plus it makes shaso and hammerhead less of their priorities...or whatever your power units are.

oh and for a full mech you need some more devilfish...probobly just one, but you wouldn't be running the whole list of firewarriors.

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Default Re: So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

Welcome, I'd be glad to assist in anyway I can, for a small fee of course. >

For the greater profit margin!!! er..um good, I mean good. ;D Just kidding,

Welcome onboard any questions just let me know.
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Default Re: So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

OK, 40K Newbie, here is a way that you might be able to say that your new Tau army is Imperial Guardsmen: when the Tau on the world of <fill in the name of the planet> were caught flat footed by <fill in name of bad guys>, the Tau commander needed troopers, but the only people not engaged were the humans who lived on the world.

The Tau commander seeing how their pathetic lasguns and card board "armor" would be nothing but speed bumps to the enemy, gave the humans firewarrior carapace armor and pulse weapons. He only intended to have this situation last for this invasion, but the humans performed so well that the Ethereal overruled his decision on taking back the weapons and armor.

Now before anyone flames me about how Ethereal's would not do that... this is the 40K universe! A universe where a guy with a powersword and a jetpack is more powerful than a battlesuit with a two hypervelocity railguns. In other words... [glow=red,2,300]ANYTHING[/glow] can happen.
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Default Re: So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

Originally Posted by KCKitsune
... In other words... [glow=red,2,300]ANYTHING[/glow] can happen.
So true.. Did a rapid fire with 12 FWs on 4 terminators last evening.. scored 13 wounds out of 24 shots!! but the bast*ard saved em all (not even a single 1 on 13 dices?!?!).. just my luck.

Anyway back to topic. With that buy you really have some nice potential. It seems like the base for a mech Tau army like you said. Piranhas and hammerheads.. yup.. go for that!.. maybe throw in a skyray..
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Default Re: So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

100$!!!! Thats amazing!

I've been looking around and asking where should I start at with the Tau empire? I'm thinking of getting a squad of Sniper Drones. Should I?

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Default Re: So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

KCKitsune: That was something along the lines of what I was considering, except my idea was slightly modified.

I was thinking that, after the Damoclest Gulf Crusade where several Imperial Guard regiments were left behind after the Imperium pulled out to address the Tyranid threat, on one particular world (Whatever its name will be), my Imperial Guard were left behind. For some time they continued to fight the Tau, but without reinforcements it was a losing battle, and eventually the Commanding Officer had no choice but to take the Tau's offer of surrender (After the Commissar had been relieved of his position, either by enemy fire or by a Catachan-like incident of friendly fire). With the planet's situation under control, the majority of forces would be pulled out to assist another world where the humans were not as easy to convince. A small cadre of Tau would be left behind to help teach the humans of the Greater Good, and help them settle onto the world.

Shortly after the majority of the Tau left, the world would come under fire, either by Orks of a marauding nature or by a Dark Eldar raid (I am leaning towards Dark Eldar since you really don't see them as antagonists much these days). The Imperial Guard rapidly took up defense with the few remaining Tau; the planet was kept safe, but at tremendous cost to the Imperial Guard. They lost every piece of armor and artillery, drained their lasguns to the last shot and towards the end of the war eventually had to resort to bludgeoning their enemies to death. They fought bravely; not only for themselves, but for the Tau as well, who had shown them mercy and friendship (Or as much friendship as a blue fishy goat-man can have towards a human).

After this the humans were praised for their honor and bravery in battle. From here I would like to take the story in the direction of the Tau taking up the remaining soldiers (Or perhaps their children instead?) back to the Tau's homeworld to undergo further teachings of the Greater Good and to be taught the Tau way of war. They would be honorary members of the Fire Caste (Or their children would be inducted?) and would undergo the same initiations and training as the other members of the Tau caste. They would be issued and trained in the use of pulse weaponry, Crisis suits. Former pilots would be trained to pilot Devilfish, Hammerheads, and Piranha.

Now fully integrated into Tau society, the humans would be used to further the cause of the Greater Good. They bore no ill will towards the citizens of the Imperium, on the contrary they felt sorry for the Imperial citizens who had to suffer under the tyrranical regime which existed in the name of a good man who died ten thousand years ago. The Tau, knowing this, used the former Imperial Guard to fight against other alien species who posed a threat to the Greater Good. The former Imperial Guard was used in missions dealing peacefully with humans though, often escorting diplomatic envoys.

On Medsua V, I picture them fighting alongside the rest of the Tau Firewarriors, although probably more so spending time engaged with non-Imperial threats. This could work to the Tau's advantage, as news of such heresy and treachery would no doubt bring much wrath from the Imperial armies, drawing some of the fire away from the main line to wherever my former regiment would be fighting. Through quick hit-and-run attacks, they could stretch out whatever Imperial forces were sent to fight them, allowing a pinpoint counter-attack to cut them off once the Imperials had been overextended.

I also picture them (Not sure how likely this is) helping to escort any humans off the planet where possible. Either by holding back enemy advances on Hive Cities to keep the humans alive long enough to be transported off-planet by their own forces, or donating their own ships to pick up stranded colonies of workers to be lifted off.

Not quite sure how likely all that is, but I rather like it. I'm trying to think of a good paint scheme that might be a good blend of both cultures, showing both a Tau influence on former Imperial Guard doctrine. I also need a good name.
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Default Re: So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

40K_Newbie, I have it that my Tau are humans who got Tau tech by betraying Farsight. My Free Colonials are a group of humans who have rebelled from the Imperium and they needed an advantage to be able to protect their freedom. They went about this by taking the tech specs from a Farsight enclave... in fact that is the reason that Farsight no longer trusts humans ("fluff" reason that human auxiliaries are not in Farsight's army listing)!

Pics of my army (the guys in the olive drab):



Peace through Superior Firepower! =^.^=
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Default Re: So I guess I'm officially serving the Greater Good.

I remember seeing a few pictures of your army in my previous thread, where I asked about the likelihood of a human "tau" army. Honestly, at the time I wasn't really seriously considering a Tau army (I already had a decent Space Marine army collected from the starter kits, so didn't really feel like blowing money to start from the beginning), I was just curious. However, now that suddenly I've found myself in possession of a Tau army, I have to build some fluff for it. I'm the kind of person that is as much interested in the background of my army as I am with its performance on the tabletop.

Your tank camo is very nice. Your army background seems pretty different from mine; my forces willingly joined the Tau, yours willingly stole the technology from them. Be interesting to see what it would be like if they met on the battlefield (Traitors to the Imperium versus Traitors to the Tau).
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