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what do you guys think of this?
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Default what do you guys think of this?

as those who have read some of my recent posts will recall,
i'm having some problems with terminator heavy armies.

i had a thought about what if there was a suit similar to
an XV-25 but instead of steath systems they came with
iridium armor. put shields on thier hardpoint and 2 fusions
in the squad (or maybe plasma rifles).

i personally would find this type of unit very useful against
the 50 terminator + 10 marine armies i've been fighting lately.

of course it'll never happen, but what would you guys think
of it if it did come to pass?
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Default Re: what do you guys think of this?

9x Helios

Shas'el, CIB, Plasma rifle, and TA

Shas'O, Plasma, Fusion, and Shield Gen.

Fusion Blaster pirranahs to taste.
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Default Re: what do you guys think of this?

You have any idea how much that'll cost?

But anyway...mmmm....toasted Termies...
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