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Help with 3 Player Free-for-all: Tau, Ork and SM
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Default Help with 3 Player Free-for-all: Tau, Ork and SM

Hey everybody, my friends and I are having a 3 player free-for-all battle. I don't really know how to configurate my list to confront both Orks and DP Marines in a 850-1000 point game. I'm the Tau play and i dont have much:

1x XV8
20x FWs
16x Kroots
1x Krootox
4x Drones
1x D-fish
1x HH (soon too have)

Ork list:
1x Warboss
30x Sluggaboyz
30x Shootaboyz
1x Slaver
12x Gretchins
1x Loota Russ

DP SM list:
1x Commander
5x Termies
10x Assault Marines
10x Tactical Marines
10x Scouts
3x Bikes (most likely not)
1x Dread
1x Pred (maybe)

For the terrain there are quite a few forest patches, a huge Factory building, an out-post, and a bridge with a river. Not many hills though.

So can you guys help a fellow out?
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Default Re: Help with 3 Player Free-for-all: Tau, Ork and SM

Whats the configuratuion on the 'el/'o?

Put a railgun on the hammerhead for some anti-armour/infantry.

I would make a firebase out of all of the FW's and the kroot. And make the DF a Warfish for extra shots. This is how I would play. Put the kroot and FW's in a circle in you deployment zone then put the hammerhead in the center to kill tanks. Put one tenm unit of FWs in the Warfish and set them up out side of the tank. Then start shooting. When a nice oppertunity arises I would jet the Warfish out filled with FWs and attack along with the commander. I would deep strike the drone into the orks deployment zone to kill the russ before being shot down inturn or taking out some boys.

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Default Re: Help with 3 Player Free-for-all: Tau, Ork and SM

Hey. Welcome to the Forums!

This is a bit of Tactica I wrote just yesterday for a Tau vs Ork vs Necron. Necrons are almost (in stats) the same as SMurfs. In most cases, they are both used by the same type of players (noobs). So they should work just fine. Basically, every time this says "Necron" or any other Necron unit, just fill it in with "Space Marine".

Depending on your style, you would either go static, mech or hybrid. I will outline both static and mech, but not really hybrid, since all you need to do to make a hybrid list is to pick and choose from mech and static.

Hybrid My personal style. Since I like this more, I have a bit more experience, thus it may work better. Basicaly, it works around 2-4 flanking formations and 1 support formation.

Flanking formation 1 This is usually either DS, or deploted to the right or left (opposite of the support collum). These units would either take out the most important element or thin down hordes to workable chunks for FWs. However, the opposite can be used. The formation care be a mop up unit to finish up any left overs from enemy squads.

Commander-Usually I use a Shas'el with CiB, BC/PR TA and HWMT. This generates 7-8 shots. This is usually extremely good against hordes (Orks will never have a save against this) and if you use a PR (sometimes a better choice than a BC) it's very good against Necrons (The mini-rending from the CiB helps alot too). I do NOT suggest you attach a bodygaurd for your commander since it is a very good Particle Whip or Battle Cannon magnet (or any other high strength, low AP pie plates). I lost over 300 pionts of battlesuit because of a stray pie plate (I really mean stray! It was meant for a group of gun drones!) Also, a Commander loses his IC status which is much better than bodygaurds. Also, do NOT over-equip your Commander. too many toys make it heavy gauss cannon or rokkit laucher magnet (in most cases these guns will insta-kill your Commander, so watch out!). Main use for the Commander: Either hide it behind terrain or a squad of Firewarriors, or preferably, gun drones (gun drones can keep up with a Commander, while a FW squad is too slow), and blast away at the Orks or Necrons (remeber to use JSJ!). Another option (but less advised) is to DS your commander with gun drones (don't try to DS with other suits, they will be dead before they shoot) and either take out their Lord or Warboss or some hiddeen vehicles in their rear armour (Don't try this with the Monolith!).

Crisis: Best configs are Helios (PR, FB and MT), FireKnife (PR, MP and MT) and Birghtwind (PR, BC and MT). The Helios would almost always take out Necrons. Orks are not worth the AP1 or 2 of these big guns. However, you can use these aainst mega-armored Nobz or Warbosses. Helios are (almost) always best DS because of their restrictive range (12"). However, if you use lots of expendable units (Kroot, FW, gun dones)m they can get to their targets quite unscathed. The best however is to have the Shas'vre get a HW Drone controller so you would have some ablative wounds. FireKnife is agmost the most (widely used) and flexable Crisis config out there. These suits work wonders against massed Ork buggies and trukkz. The excelent range of the Missilepod will almost keep you out of harms way when "sniping" (can't really be called sniping because of the Crisis' BS) those really fast buggies and trukkz (which would certainly make a mess of your FWs if they made it to CC). The Plasma rifle should really be used as self defence if say, a Necron got too close. You don't need to DS with these. If Helios is anti-power armour, then Brightwind is anti-horde. This config pumps out 5 high strength shots at 12" range. This suit will take care of any orks or scarabs swarms in your way. However, just like the Helios. It has a rescitive range (12-18"). So I would either deepstrike or hide behind units to get to the orks.

Stealths: This is almost anti-horde (with the exception of the now comman FB). This unit is probably my favorite Tau unit. Up to 6 BCs, Steathfield, decent save and jetpack, This unit packs an impressive punch. The Stealthfield will easily keep you out of harms way (until you get close). So I wouldn't DS. However, since the stealths have the ability to take support systems I would take 1 Drone controller per every 3 members of the team. The rest should take TAs. Basically, you have 12 shots hitting on 3s, 6 shots hitting on 4s and 4 "extra" wounds from gun drones (don't take marker drones, completely not worth it.) These units are excelent at ambushing an isolated squad of Boyz. Don't try to take out necrons. it takes some 20+ shots to statisticaly put down a Necron so it's not worth it. Also, don't take the FB. It may only cost 2 pionts, but it takes 2 shots away, and to be truly useful, the team must be within 6", making the stealthfield useless.

Flanking formation 2 This is your main formation. Though it's not exactly flanking, it is very mobile. This unit would have the most firepower (not the strogest, however) and it is very capable in dealing with most (with the exception of power/termie armour) troops. Your enemy will be trying to take out your more elite units, thus, use that to your advantage and take out key troop units.

FWs: Your core unit. Each squad should be mounted on a devilfish. (However, don't over gun your fish). Only 1 out of 4 firewarriors should carry a pulse carbine (I usuualy just have 1 squad out of my 4 squads carry them). The pulse rifle is a formidable weapon. However, if you go mech, the (relatively)massive range is quite useless. Thus, you should always try to FoF an Ork player. However, don't use all 4 squads to FoF. Always keep the carbine squad just in range to either finish off the squad or keep the squad pinned to let your FWs scoot back into their fishes without must return fire. NEVER FoF a Necron player. Pulse Rifles do (almost) nothing against them. Carbines almost never pin too. And fishes will easily go down to gauss fire. stay away from them and use the 30" to take them out.

Kroot I'm a purist tau player. Meaning, I don't really like using Kroot. However, they do have their uses. They have a very good WS, a Bolter, and good strength. Keep them close to your FWs. If they get into trouble in CC. Help them out. Use the Kroot to counter-charge (a squad of 10 Kroot will produce 30 attacks), and in most cases the enemy will be crushed. Kroot because of they're cost are often used as shields and use that if the enemy wouldn't come close to you (however, they will try to rush you in almost in every case).

Gun drones: This should really be in the other formation, but they are a valuable asset to the troop choices. They are often used as shields and for some strange reason, they are very resilent (my frizzbees took more than 2000 pionts of Chaos shooting and never took a casualty). They can pin the enemy before they can shoot your more valuable Firewarriors and that is an extremely valualbe asset. Plus, they have the annoying factor. Everyone loves to see their opponent get all red and stuff. Tongue

Flank Formation 3: This is all your Heavy support. Usually I stick them with my Troop formation or Support formation. They are often too exposed to AT fire to really be a seperate formation. Their impressive range and firepower would often make them the first target of the game. Use other cheaper units to be a screen for them.

Hammerhead: Ion and Railhead (I'm not getting into the forgeworld heads). The ion head is almost the best choice when facing both Necrons and Hordes. With Ions I put BCs on my fishes to pump out 9 shots capable of ripping through most squads in a turn of shooting. Ions are the moe aggressive of the 2 heads. And often I put FDs on them to kill many a horde in tank shock. Usually I get 3+ kills with that and coupled with the 9 shots, I usually take down 8 models (if not much more). The railhead is only good against the monolith and the Necron Lord. It can easily insta-kill a Lord or take down the Monolith before it even gets close of the fish (usually the Monolith dies at least 48" from my fish). However, the pie plate shot is very good agasint hordes and scarabs (scarabs take twice the damage from blast hits).

Skyray: The only legal mobile markerlight in the Tau army (tetras are not really legal). With 6 seekers and (in most cases) the SMS, this baby is the only indrect fire unit in the Tau army. And it's very good at it. 6 seekers are best used against wraiths, detroyers, buggies and trukkz. Look at your opponents face when all of a sudden, 6 buggies/trukkz/detroyers/wratihs die in an instant. That's the power of the Skyray. You can instantly remove several key models without waiting turns to kill them all and losing guysin the process. The best thing is to keep the ray hidden as much as you can.

Supporting Collum: This is where almost all the markerlights and the static units go. I uually try to hide them in a croner or a side to prevent as much firecoming to them. In most cases, this would attract a lot of the 1st turn fire. so hide them well.

Pathfinders: I usaully take 2 squads for redundancy. This means I usaully run around with almost 16 markerlights. That's a lot of markerlights. With that, I can essentially up my squads preformace my (usually) 33%. That's a huge improvement. And because of that my pathfinders are often feared and the attention of a lot of fire. So, I usually park my fish on an upper corner of my squad to prevent fire from hitting my pathfinders and I deploy the drone in front of them, to further protect them. NEVER give them rail rifles.

Sniper Drone: I never used this unit before. But from what otehr members said, it's a solid unit against power armoured units. However, since I never teated them out, I cannot much about them. Just hide them in the corner, their stealth field will almost always protect them against ranged attacks. Just watch out for CC guys.

Braodsides: with the advent of the D'yi, BS are making a comeback. They are semi-moblie heavy weapons platform, capable of taking out the heavist armour. They are usualyl good for 1 purpose: Take out the Monolith. That is their promary objective. After that, take out the Lords, wraiths, and destroyers. The latter will always make a mess of they units if they come too close. I almost never upgrade to plasma, since I never get into range. SMS is good enough.

General Notes:

Vehicles: Always give the fishes decoy launchers and Multi-tackers. I usaully care 2 seekers to give my seeker ocunt a boost.

Static formations: I usually give a squad of kroot or drones to protect my valuable support.

Shas'ui/vres: always upgrade. That ability to boost the LD by +1 is always a good thing.

Bonding: Righ risk units (ex. crisis, stealths and FWs) should always bond. What's the piont of having 200+ piont FW squad and their DF running way?

Anyway, hope this helps!
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Help with 3 Player Free-for-all: Tau, Ork and SM

Hmmm, thx for that. I see what i can do now. I like to either use the Ninja configuration for the Shas'O or Helio suit. DSing the drones near the Russ will be hard because my friend really likes to surround it with lots of shootaboyz or other such things.
"What, you think because you dress like me you'll can play like me?" - Phil Ivey
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Default Re: Help with 3 Player Free-for-all: Tau, Ork and SM

Then send a solid rail slug through the drivers head.

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