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I have a Tau-ish dilemma.
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Default I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

So, I went down to the game shop the other day to talk to the owner. The owner is a fellow by the name of Shane who used to work at another gaming store some time ago, but ultimately was tired of the direction the store was taking (IE not giving a damn) and decided to go off on his own. The store has done really well so far (An amazing accomplishment I assure you considering the rural nature of the area). Anyway, I was talking to him about 40K and he mentioned he had a Tau army that he would be willing to sell me, as I also happened to mention that I was in the market for some miniatures. He says they're not much, most of them probably in bad shape because they've been moved three times, but I had been giving Tau some thought so I said I'd take a look at them. He didn't get a chance to get them out for a few days, but today I call him and he says he'd like me to come over and take a look.

I get there, and there is a TON of Tau there. At least 36+ Firewarriors, 30+ Kroot, an Ethereal, one Krootox, 6 Pathfinders with Markerlights, bunch of gun drones, 3 Broadsides, 4 Crisis Suits, one Shas'o/Shas'el, and three Tau tanks. On top of this is a lot of bitz sprues and various Tau pieces. Some of the models are in rough shape, but for the most part they are in good condition (Or would be in good condition with a dab of glue and a replacement arm). I had considered a Mech Tau army, and this is almost everything I would need save for some tanks. So, my interest is peaked a bit. "How much will you take for it?", I ask, since we had been dancing around the subject for a while.

"Make me an offer", he says.

Now, I have no idea what in the world to say. I figure the guy has at least 250-300 dollars in models here, considering a lot of the Crisis/Broadside suits have pewter on them, all the Pathfinders are metal, as is the Krootox and Ethereal. Plus three tanks (All Hammerheads I think, with bitz for another), I am not sure what to offer him for it. Being rather new to actually buying models, I don't want to offend him by going too low, don't want to screw myself by going too high. But, I'd been looking around on Ebay, and I had seen some armies of similar size (Has to be at least 1500 points there if not more), so I figure I'll gauge by that. "200 dollars", I say.

"No way", he says. "The models are pretty old and banged up." Now, the models are old, but Tau are Tau to me. They look exactly the same. Some of the models are banged up, but none seriously damaged, it would be really easy to fix them.

"You can take it for 100", he says. "And if you want it...", he goes in the back and brings out an Army Carrying Case, "I'll let you take this with it." The bag is pretty dirty and dusty, you can lift the flaps and literally see the line of dirt starting just under the flap down the front of the bag. But, again, nothing a little washing wouldn't fix. Has a whole lot of foam sheets in there and everything.

So, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do here. 100 dollars for this army is a steal, I think, especially given the carrying case I'll be getting for free. However, I don't know if I want to spend 100 dollars on a Tau army that I could spend on my Space Marines army. The big thing is with, say, another 100 dollars I could have a functional 2,000 point Mech Tau army. For 200 dollars. Or I could spend twice that for my Space Wolf army I'm wanting to buy.

Now, I'm still going to collect the Space Marines. They are my first 40K love and always will be, and I've got enough here with the old 3rd edition starter set and Battle for Macragge set for about a 500 point army I think. But I'm not sure if I should spend about 200 on this Tau army and build the Space Marine army up later, or save the 200 and focus purely on the Space Marine army. I admit Tau interest me, but this army is really a bargain and I feel guilty for thinking about passing it up, especially after asking him about it and making him dig it out of the back and set it up on the table for me and everything.

I have until Thursday or Friday to think about it (Those are my next days off from work), so I'll have some time to think it over. But I was wondering what you guys might do in my position, as I am really torn as to what to do here.
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Default Re: I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

If you want the Tau, go for it! That's a hell of a steal! Even better deal than the 2k+ marine army I bought for 250.

If you don't want em, I'll find the store and buy em...
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Default Re: I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

Yep that is a steal. I'm not sure on the quality but that amout of figures is running it at well over $800 AU if brand new so I would take it or he could sell them on Ebay for quite a lot.He might also be trying to be good and get a kid into the hobby the proper way.
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Default Re: I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

Take the Tau, admittedly this is a tau forum so you will doubtlessly get alot of tau fanatics, but seriously it's an awesome deal. And, if after a few months you decide you do not like tau (hard once you get to know them), then it was only a hunded dollars and you could probably sell it on Ebay for a profit.

I never miss an oppertunity to give something new a go, especially when its such a good deal.

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Default Re: I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

i have 3 tanks, 3 fish, 2 broadsides, about 10 crisis, 50 fire warriors, 40ish kroot, 8 pathfinders an etherial, 5 stealths, 2 pirahnas and a bunch of other stuff.

and with all this, i would STILL buy what he has for offer! do not pass it up!

that said, do it if you want to play tau. if you don't want to, then whats the point. stick to marines, though i will tell you this. tau for me are a far more rewarding army. than even my first love, space wolves!
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Default Re: I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

Mate buy em and what you don't need ebay off and rebuy stuff you do need on ebay.
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Default Re: I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

First of all, don't feel guilty, do what you really want to do.
But I would certainly go for the deal. A whole new army for just 100 dollars. Wether it was Eldar or Ork or whatever, I would go for it.
You can always save up some money, and expand the armies later on.
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Default Re: I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

yeah, take it... do a little glue work, no paint.. and if you don't like em after repairing all of them and doing a few games... sell em. you'll prolly make enough back to buy all the wolves you wanna buy
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Default Re: I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

yeah go for it. Like the guys mentioned: its a steal!!
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Default Re: I have a Tau-ish dilemma.

You have to understand, some poeple who are trying to get rid of their old armies see them as worthless (as in, since they never use them anymore, they aren't worth anything). Any money they can make off of them is good money, so you shouldn't feel bad paying only $100 for that. Also, even if you only have a passing interest in Tau, at $100 dollars, you would get a large and fully functional army that would allow you experiment, and if you find it not to your taste, well, you only lost 3 Tactical Marine Squads worth of money.

Just as a point, It would cost me over $600 Canadian to buy all that stuff new. Though being out of box and painted would drop the price quite a bit, and I'm sure the damage would also drop value quite a bit. Just remember, he wants to get rid of it, or wants to get you into the army, and either way, if he's trying to convince you to take it for $100 instead of $200, you should probably buy them at his offer.
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