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Commander ShadowSun
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Old 31 Jul 2006, 18:07   #1 (permalink)
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Default Commander ShadowSun

I recently got Commander ShadowSun and I don't know what to do with her. Do you have any ideas?
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Default Re: Commander ShadowSun

Lead a 1500+ point Tau army with her?

That one's just off the top of my head mind you....
Originally Posted by heliodorus04
Falstead, you're a genius!
Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn
Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
Originally Posted by Rafe (Autarch Kiardras)
My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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Default Re: Commander ShadowSun

Could always use her as just an xv-8 commander with twin-linked Fusion Blasters and some other kit. Just use the normal rules for her. That's what I'm doing when I get my hands on the XV-25 I've ordered. I don't like them as Stealth Suits (plus I've got 12 XV-15s, why would I need more?) so I'm going to convert it to be an XV-2 command suit. I might even try making an XV-21 or XV-24 (using the FW XV-8 equiv. rules) and just say the Steath Generator was removed to make room for the extra hardpoint and increase the S and T with other support systems. Done and done.
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Default Re: Commander ShadowSun

cut off one (both) fusion blasters and mount magnets so that you can switch up the weapons (like the FW suits) while still taking advantage of the sweet sweet "advanced multi-tracker target lock". To legalize it (at least to the point where your opponents will only whisper beardy), increase her points value accordingly with the weapon costs listed in the codex.
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Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
Anyways, just because we have already had someone who called it:
Originally Posted by RealMenUseCarbines
Heh, thought he'd know by now...watch this turn into another relationship advice thread.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Commander ShadowSun

stab her?
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Default Re: Commander ShadowSun

Let the best preforming model spend the night in the same storage compartment as her?
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Default Re: Commander ShadowSun

dude run her....

she has a stealth filed genorator, jet pack, up to about 6 or 7 wounds including her drones, a built in shield genorator, two shield drones, a comand link drone and she can take down two tanks in one turn!

she is worth the points!

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Default Re: Commander ShadowSun

I always find my self control heavily taxed against saying somthing publicly inapproriate when I hear: "I don't know what to do with her. Do you have any ideas?"

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Default Re: Commander ShadowSun

If I remember right she has a command link drone that gives her leadership to any unit within 18". I usually run 4 squads of bonded firewarriors and with that drone they are not going anywhere
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Default Re: Commander ShadowSun

Originally Posted by lube_skyhumper
stab her?
Dude, that's borderline spamming.

Anyway, I don't find her useful. She's a relatively big piont sink, short ranged (but powerful) and she can't DS, but has this ability to be targeted faster than a hammerhead.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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