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Ant-Infantry Weapon
View Poll Results: So I'm cooking up this uber-cool commander and need opinions.
Cyclonic Ion Blaster 21 53.85%
Air-Bursting Fragmentation Launcher 6 15.38%
Burst Cannon 4 10.26%
Flamer 0 0%
Plasma Rifle 5 12.82%
Missile Pod 2 5.13%
Something I may have forgotten about?? 1 2.56%
Voters: 39. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 31 Jul 2006, 06:09   #1 (permalink)
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Default Ant-Infantry Weapon

I'm basing him on an XV-22 with certain commander and XV-25 bits.
He will DEFINATELY have a Fusion Blaster, but I want him to have
a good anti-infantry weapon as well. There's so many options that
I'm stuck in window shopping mode and can't make my mind up.

His other kit will consist of: shield generator, stims, (MAYBE vectored thrust),
HW multi-tracker, HW blacksun filter, and prolly HW target lock (maybe).

He will be Shas'O

He will hang out with a squad of XV-25's with 2 fusion blasters
and kit to-be-determined, attaching and detaching as the situation warrant's.

I figure that set up will avail me of many options, and since he's based
offa 22, he won't look stupid pal-ing around with his XV-25 buddies.

Yes, i know 22's don't come with stealth, but i don't plan to use this group
i a traditional way.

so, armed with this information, advise me.
vote, and post to explain your choice please.

thanx in advance!
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Old 31 Jul 2006, 07:33   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ant-Infantry Weapon

Just use the standard crisis rules but just a converted XV22 cause it looks cool.

I personally like the Shas'O with Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle and Shield Generator. Hard hitting, tough and dependable.

However for pure anti infantry the Cyclic Ion Blaster or Burst Cannon will do the best in my experience. The Burst Cannon has the strength to wound well but the CIB has more shots and can get ap1. If you want a wild card the CIB would be good or for dependability BC works. Though I usually leave BCs to the stealths and tanks and save those precious hard points for something else like a plasma rifle or missil pod.

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Old 31 Jul 2006, 10:35   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ant-Infantry Weapon

If you have both a shield generator AND vectored thrust, there's no point in having a multitracker or target-lock; you only have a single hardpoint left for a weapon.

You can easily get burst cannons on the stealth suits (the other 4 or so you have to take if you want those two fusions) which are both cheaper than a crisis with a burst-cannon (by 3 points) AND stealthed. Its also easily found on Devilfish, Hammerheads, etc. There's also pulse-rifles to take into account.

The Airburst system is not really meant for a Shas'O or Shas'El. Their ballistic skill isn't required by the weapon at all, and so its usually best placed on a Shas'Vre who doesn't get a Targetting-array.

Missiles have the range and will split a sentinel in half but falls short against a falcon or russ (from the front, anyways). This makes'em a good choice if you want multiple shots.

Plasma has the stopping power and AP, and since it doesn't get hot and we're never counted as moving, its rate of fire and range are both decent. Good choice both for its single-shot range and short-range RoF and penetration power.

Both plasma or missiles I find are good choices to mix with Fusion, despite the range difference. The CIB does best with either burst (if you're facing GEQ only and no carapace) or plasma (ALWAYS! ... er, unless you're facing a 'tanks only' armored company I guess). They're not really big against large numbers of infantry... but then again, I don't think that's what you're really using your commander for is it?
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Old 31 Jul 2006, 11:21   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ant-Infantry Weapon

Take a plasma and make it into an anti-elite suit. For anti-infantry take a Shas'Vre and give it an AFP (on a commander, it wastes his BS).
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Old 31 Jul 2006, 13:31   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ant-Infantry Weapon

Take the Missile Pod. The reason is that while it has 1 less shot than the burst cannon, it has double the range, 1 better AP, and 2 better strength. It can serve as both Anti-infantry & light anti-tank.
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Old 31 Jul 2006, 13:50   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ant-Infantry Weapon

I'd reccomend the plasma rifle.

At longer ranges it still gets one shot but at close range you can do anything. With your Fusion blaster you'll always get three shots, all with great strength and AP so if you go against heavy infantry or mounstrous creatures you really mess 'em up.

One thing to caution you about, if your Shas'O joins the stealth squad they can no longer use their stealth fields. With only tougness 3 and 1 wound this will leave your suits rather vulnerable.

Also if the stealths are in a position to be joined by the commander that means they probably aren't infilitraiting, which is one of their best abilities!

If you really want an XV-22 commander (which by the way will look totally and compeltey bad ass!) I would recomend making him as planned. Then take a couple of XV-25's and mash 'em together with some XV-8's to make him a Shas'vre bodyguard. They'll follow the normal ciris suit rules but they'll look really neat!

Plus this way your wonderful stealths don't suffer.
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Old 31 Jul 2006, 16:47   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ant-Infantry Weapon

OK, if I understood you correctly, you want a commander to augment a 6 man stealth team w/ 2 fusions.. making it effectively a 7 man stealth team with 3 fusions, and a Ld10 (and with a bs5 sharpshooter in there as well). I'm gonna run on the assumption that this is your plan.

So, looking at what the unit will have, we have 3 fusions, 4 burst cannons, and whatever hardpoint mischief you have on all of the stealths (I personally rec. targetting array).

If your stealth Team Leader takes a fusion, and a TA, and a HW TL, along with the 'O's HWTL, you can spread your fusion shots out to 3 potential targets (The squad takes their shot, Tm Ldr takes his seperate shot, 'O Takes his seperate shot), or, alternatively, shred infantry with burst cannons and a fusion while the leaders take out their transport or nearby tank. Already this sounds like a well rounded unit, doncha think? You've already got plenty of anti infantry in the standard stealth suits in my opinion, but nevertheless lets look at what could go on the 'Os other Arm:

CIB: My top choice: 5 shots at bs5 is the proper way to view this weapon... with a likely 5 full hits every shot, plus 'mini rending', this weapon shines..... on a guy with a decent aim. And you said you wanted anti-infantry (not anti power armor), then this is truly your gun!

FragProjector: I like this option simply for the mischief and mayhem it would cause to the enemy: "OK, I could put 13 dice at those guys, a fusion shot at that tank, oh, and a pie plate over here.. naw, I'll just pour them ALL into your assault squad!... you gotta dice bucket??" ;D OK, sure, the BS of the shas'O is wasted on this, but its really the only way to sneak one into a stealth squad. If you take this option, then maybe a Shas'El is a better choice.

Burst Cannon: This would be a good pick, since this way the commander could integrate himself fully with the squad, and all weapons would mesh/match perfectly... but theres a problem: The commander cant split his BC fire and his FB fire to seperate targets, which is one of the main things that he is there for. This leaves the BC to be usefull only when there are no tanks in range, and merely one target to shoot at... which may not be that often

Vectored Thrusters shouldnt be required, unless you plan on your commander bailing on his 'bodyguard' when they get assaulted... Iridium armor would oly slow the JSJ squad down. Stim injectors only come into play when everyone else is dead (or he splits off), Shield generators only apply when shielded models are in the majority (except for shield drones). Plasma Rifle is a bit odd in this group, being 1 or 2 shots that may be too little in quantity to be effective. Same with Missile Pod, but to a lesser extent.

OK, thats about it for my advice, now I get to get a little crazy and list a squad I am guiltily tempted to field:

6 Stealths, bonded, team leader with HWTL, 2 FB, 6 Drone Controllers (8 Gun Drones, 4 Shield Drones). 'O: FB,CIB,BC, HWMT, HWTL, HW drone controller(2 shield Drones.)


6 stealths, bonded, team leader w/ HWTL, HW drone controller(2 shield Drones), 2 FB, 6 TA's. 'El: FB, CIB, TA, HWMT, HWTL, HW Drone Controller (2 shield Drones)
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Default Re: Ant-Infantry Weapon

don't use AFP obviously since it wastes your commander's BS.

for normal infantry take CIB.
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Default Re: Ant-Infantry Weapon

Cyclic Ion Blaster! It kills all forms of infantry (as per the general definition): Anything from Terminators to Guardsmen drop to this gun, even things in carpace armor. The only problem is that it doesn't mesh with the Fusion Blaster at killing tanks...
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Default Re: Ant-Infantry Weapon

Well I voted Something you may have forgotten about.... Because when I think of infantry, I think of imperial guard, tau, eldar, etc. Nothing better than a 4+ save. Because space marines and such are better classified, IMO, as heavy infantry.

If it was "heavy" infantry you were thinking of, Vash's tried and true plasma/fusion shas'o with a shield gen will serve you very, very well. If you are facing lightly armored foes, go for the submunition blast, or if you're expecting cover, a monat with the AFP, or even stealth suits, which are the kings of infantry hunters.
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