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Problem: FoF & indirect fire; and some other stuff
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Default Problem: FoF & indirect fire; and some other stuff

Im currently fielding a rather static 1000 Pts Tau army and am doing quite well if im able to maintain a little "gaming discipline" (im usually forgetting a whole shooting and moving phase over a whole game............).

Now im about to hopefully finish the assembling of two tanks (fully magnetised) some time next week and i wanted to try mechanising my FW squads.
The problem im facing is that my "main opponent" uses two Whirlwinds in 1000 Pts.

So i figured out that if i do try the famous FoF my complete Troop section will be wiped out immediately as soon as i disembark (given that both Whirwinds are still alive and he has some luck with the dices)...........

So here are the questions:

1.) Is it possible to do FoF against an army that relies heavily on indirect fire? If yes, how???

2.)Is it possible to disembark into cover? (for example woods or ruins)

3.) How much of a use is The FoF (or mechanising in general) against necrons? their gauss-weapons seem to be quite a pain when playing with a mechanised army (specially when i consider a group of warriors + lord teleporting into rapid fire range)....

thanks for your opinions
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Default Re: Problem: FoF & indirect fire; and some other stuff

1. Yes so long as you are using a pretty cheap FW unit (no drones or shas'ui) and have something to engage the whirlwinds (like crisis suits with MP or FB). Mainly it makes a good distraction while the whirlwinds are destroyed.

2. Yes I believe so; I see no reason for it not to be.

3. I haven't employed it against necrons although I imagine, like any maneuver, with the right support it would be effective.
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