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New rule idea
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Old 25 Jul 2006, 05:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default New rule idea

there should be a rule for imperial guardsmen that says :imperial guardsmen allways seem to shoot better than they statisticly should

lol no just joking but actualy i was watching today auxileries continuously killing marines almost no matter what, eliminating a good 20-30% it was just kind of funny as well how horribly his marines shot at the humans. obviously a lot goes into him concentrating on other things, he either couldn't or ignored them cause they were in range for most of the game however they were never brought bellow half strength. basicaly what happened the whole game was the tau player obliterated the space marines within 3 turns
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Default Re: new rule idea

Dice move in strange ways, some good some bad; just worship the dice gods every day.

I once rolled ones with a whole FW squad doing FoF, damn that was annoying.
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Default Re: New rule idea

Random number generation cubes are often too random...
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Default Re: New rule idea

As said entirely random results are to be expected. Sometimes a unit does very well, sometimes the dice gods have been offended and the unit will do absolutely nothing. It all depends on fate.


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