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I need the Forum's help with Medusa
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Default I need the Forum's help with Medusa

I have been worrying about an upcoming Medusa game. I play well with Tau, and I like to squeeze every once of combat effectiveness out of them. However, being that I have only 800 points to pick from for the upcoming game, I need to be careful. It's not that i don't think my Army is up to it, and it's not that i doubt my playing ability. The problem is that when Up against two 800 point Imperium armies (though I'll have a {random} non imperium ally), and that when I drop the first army, another will come on to take it's place. This will go on all day. I know, realistically, that sooner or later I will go down under a hail of bolter fire. But i want to make those arrogant Imperials remember that day they took on my Tau. I want weeping IG widows. I want Chapter masters to hang their heads and cry for their dead brothers. I want the adeptus Mechanus working over time to churn out replacement tanks for the war effort.

So what, right? Why am i sitting here talking. Because I need your help, O wise forum, that's why. I play mech Tau, but i have a pair of broadsides collecting dust. Will they do more damage that a railhead in this unknown environment. With their shields, will they be tougher? Is one squad of firewarriors in a warfish enough? I have an army list posted on the child board, but i have had no input (it's on page three by now, i think). Here is where i want to see suggestions about the toughest, most-bang-for-your-points, most flexible units in the tau arsenal. I can't count on my ally, he could be anyone at any time. I can only rely on myself, and my grim enemies.

Also, please feel free to read and reply to my army list. I know it's a little lame to be trying to jumpstart my thread like this, but i value the forum's input, and I want to do the Tau proud.
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Default Re: I need the Forum's help with Medusa

Well generally I find that when you just have to last its time to skuttle the transports and call in every able bodies firewarrior around. So in otherwords static Firepower is your ally here. Pack in the numbers, Firewarriors and Broadsides will deffinetly be effective in this scenario. If your taking on unnending numbers I assume your intent is to cling on as long as you can and take down as many as you can with you. So pack in the numbers, weight of fire is what you want leave the specialized weapons to suits and anti tank to the broadsides.

Other than that can you provide any information as to the kinds of opponents you will be facing and exactly what the games objective is here might help give us a better idea as to how to help.

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