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[BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500
Closed Thread
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Default [BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500

I’m not big on posting Battle Reports because the terrain plays a big part in a battle, and yet it’s very difficult to capture how terrain affects the battlefield.
But this was a good game, on both parties’ effort, and my game worked pretty well “to plan.”

This was a league game, and our league rules give a couple of special rules from “territory acquisition” so a couple of things might strike you as odd here. For example, one of my territories gives me 50 extra points each game, so while I had 1550 points, my opponent had 1500.

My list:
Shas’El, Plasma, Fusion, VRT, Stim, HW MT

2xCrisis w Team Lead, TL Fusion, Flamer, HW DC w/2xshield drones

2xCrisis, as above, but team lead also had proximity detonator doohickey

3 teams Fire Warriors as follows:
10 FW w/Shas’Ui, bonding knife, photon grenades, Devilfish w/MT, DL, flechette dischargers

12 Kroot

8xPFs w/Shas’Ui, bonding knife, DF w/SMS, MT, TL, flechette dischargers

2 xPiranha as follows (separate slots)
1xPiranha w/TA, DL, flechette dischargers, Fusion blaster

Tyranid List
Winged Hive Tyrant, Venom Cannon, bunch of stuff…

Carnifex, Venom Canon, bunch of stuff

2x 15 or 20 genestealers w/extra armor (one with league special rule gaining +1 cover save)

1x 6 Raveners w/ super outfit of melee

3 Zoanthropes w/ warp blast

4 Warriors, 1w/Venom Cannon, the rest “shooty”, all Leaping

The terrain in question, as we fought on my side of the table most of the game, was obstructing, about 15 inches from my table edge were several patches of woods. They stretched from about 18 inches from the left table edge to about 18 inches from the right table edge. These were used to screen his advance, provide cover saves. There was a hill on the left of the trees, and a building on the left of the hill. Most of the game, virtually all of it, would take place in the "bottom left quadrant" of a 4x6 table.

General Details:
Mission randomly generated was “Winner of strategy rating roll chooses” I won that strategy roll, and I deliberately chose “Seek and Destroy.” Level of mission, randomly generated, was Omega.

Hindsight Note: I was fortunate to win the strategy rating, and wise to choose “Seek and Destroy” It meant he had to come to me, rather than me having to root him out of places in the middle of the board. I was slightly fortunate in the “Omega” conditions, but more on that later.

There was no night fighting on Turn 1, and all I deployed were the Pathfinders and Kroot. Kroot took the far left building, slightly “infiltrated” but well away from the opponent. Pathfinders deployed IN fish, and fish deployed as far forward as it could as in this game, there was a 15-inch deployment zone, with the restriction that you can’t be within 24-inches of an enemy. I effectively reduced his deployment zone with a forward warfish… Then I promptly used the scout move to move straight backward behind cover from Zoanthropes Warp attacks.

Tyranid had more setup stuff – genestealers, zoanthropes, raveners. He chose the middle of the table edge, stealers on each side, zoanthropes and raveners in the middle (warriors were “leaping” thus off board to start). He had next to nothing to worry about first turn for shooting, due to my escalation restrictions…

Turn 1: Nids move first, pretty straight-forward. He had no shots.
Tau moved Warfish forward, took SMS shot at genestealers left side (my left). Killed one.

Turn 2: All tyranid reserve rolls successful (Winged Tyrant, Carnifex, Warriors enter board). Nids continue straight-forward movement. Left genestealers move toward kroot on far left. Right side stealers move slightly left, raveners are in center of table, zoanthropes mostly center of table on far side of tree line. Tyrant and Carnifex enter left side, warriors center/right…

Tau reserves: One piranha only.

This is actually a good thing. Piranha moves forward on far left table edge, behind and to left of Kroot building. Pathfinders remain in fish (so far haven’t deployed) and fish stays behind woodline shooting SMS shots at stealers. Kroot get a couple shots off on left stealers unit which has lost about 5 models.

Turn 3: Tryanid “squeezes”, creating a line that runs from center right, closer to my table edge than center of board. On the right side he has Stealers in woods (the ones with +1 cover save bonus), moving to the left, Raveners in tree line gap, Zoanthropes behind them. Moving left, Genestealer unit left is in tree line, about 15 inches away from my table edge, Winged Tyrant at center of board, Carnifex near table center, left side, but creeping along slowly as Carnifexes do.

Tau Reserves: One unit of crisis suits, only.
Hindsight note:
This is actually a good thing! My opponent is reacting to the forces that are on the table, making a direct play toward them, without consideration of what reinforcements may be coming on table next turn. He’s setting himself up for massive, 30 fire warrior fish of fury…

I move Warfish (still loaded) toward Raveners (they have a weak save) and shoot, killing one. Kroot huddle against right side of their building, rapid fire at Genestealers (left side) and kill several. Piranha hides behind building still.
My Crisis Suit (lesser unit, no proximity detonator) moves on along line the Kroot’s building and the hill between it, with the Warfish to the right (facing Raveners and Stealer unit right).

Turn 4: Tyranids move in for assaults. On the right side, Genestealers right stay in cover. Opponent worries about my next turn’s reserves (finally, but too late). In center (center left of table, center of his “envelopment line"), Raveners make a dash for the Warfish, supported by two Zoanthropes. On far left, winged hive tyrant stays behind woods, Stealers (left) rolls terribly on Difficult terrain and fleet, and can’t leave the woods to get in assault range of kroot in building. Carnifex plods on forward…

Little filler note:
Zoanthropes are probably crappy units to Tyranids, I think. They’re shooting is god-awful, and he hit me about 4 times in the whole 8 turns with three of them shooting (well, they were dead by turn 6) we played. But they’re not too expensive, and they’re synapse… And they have a Sv 2+… But man are they little to no threat to you (except that they have AP3 – keep suits out of their LOS)

During the assault phase, the Raveners have just enough assault range to reach my Crisis Suits. Oh, how I wish my other unit with the proximity detector had come on instead… Long story short, the suits get wiped (not to the man, but they fail Ld and fall back off board edge). Again this is a good thing – next turn I’ll likely get lots of reserves, and his Raveners, with their woeful Sv 5+ (no save versus pulse weaponry) will be ripe for all sorts of death. Had my unit passed that Ld check, the Raveners would have been safe from fire (which is why I wish I had the proximity detonator unit there).

Tau turn:
All three Fire Warrior reserves arrive, along with the other unit of Crisis suits. The last Piranha is nowhere to be found.

I create a line of Fish of Fury that goes from the building the kroot occupy all the way over to the gap between the woodline. I have four devilfish, side toward Nids in an arc from the building to the (long) board edge, and Fire Warriors pile out in the safety behind the armor.

Thirty of them, at least 20 in rapid fire range of Raveners. I tidy up the left flank (behind the kroot building) by placing a Piranha there “just to be sure” that if the kroot get wiped, there’s no consolidating into the rear of my Fire Warriors.
The second Crisis Suit team is on the right most flank, out of sight of Stealer unit right and the warriors coming up behind them. My Shas’El is in the midst behind the FWs/Devilfish line.

During shooting, I obliterate the Raveners with one FW team and some supporting fire from a couple Devilfish. I then fire the remaining Fish, Shas’El, and Kroot at Stealer unit left (no cover save bonus) killing all but 5. Things went well…

Turn 5:
Stealer unit right moves out of cover and prepares to put itself into some sort of assault stance (relying on a dead devilfish). The two right-most zoanthropes move forward to shoot at my Devilfish wall. The Winged Tyrant leaps over the woods and prepares to shoot/assault my Devilfish Wall. Stealer unit left prepares to assault through some destroyed vehicle somewhere (if there will be one) The Carnifex is near enough to lend its shootiness at the Devilfish wall.

During his shooting, he either misses, fails to glance, or, the one successful glance he got resulted in “weapon destroyed” (decoy launchers were used). He has no assault path to infantry…

During Assault, the Winged Tyrant assaults the left most fish, along with the 5 stealers of unit left. The Stealer unit right attacks the (now SMS destroyed) Warfish.

Flechette Dischargers cause some casualties – about 4 models between the two units. All hail Flechette Dischargers against Nids (I don’t recommend them in generic lists, but I do recommend them against Nids – HIGHLY). The Winged Tyrant destroys the left-most Fish, but is unable to consolidate into any FWs…

Tau Reserves: Remaining Piranha arrives.
Fire Warriors with Fish pile into the safety of their transports (as do the Pathfinders, who finally got to breathe fresh air the turn before). They promptly start moving to the right flank ASAP. Fire Warriors who cannot enter a fish prepare a sacrifice, moving to rapid fire stealer unit right (though unit left is right in front of them, it’s only 5 models versus 11 on the other flank). Crisis team jumps forward to Fusion Blaster a zoanthrope. Shas’El and both Piranha move forward to attack the winged hive tyrant.

During shooting, one zoanthrope dies. Stealer unit right is mangled but not destroyed. Stealer unit left is wiped (I had to overkill it with the Kroot shooting, 24 shots, 14 wounds on one model), and the combination of HQ Shas’El plus Fusion Blasters destroy the Winged Tyrant.

Enemy forces remaining at this point: Two zoanthropes, Carnifex, about 6 genestealers (one unit) and 4 warriors. Tau forces: Everything except one Devilfish and a crisis suit team (the 134 point crisis suit team, though I was sad to see it go, set up my opponent to lose 288 points of Raveners – a good trade any day).

Turn 6:
Warriors move into tree line. Genestealers attack sacrificial fire warriors in CC. Zoanthropes miss every darn thing (actually he got a “stunned” result on the DF carrying Fire Warriors now in the gap between the tree line).

Hindsight Note:
I experimented with Photon grenades this game, first time ever in 2 years of playing Tau. At the time they were used, having them was a bad thing, actually. I wanted the combat to be as lethal as possible to my Fire Warriors, because there was nothing for the Genestealers to consolidate into – no “domino effect” of close combat to benefit him.

So any sustained close combat would deny me my ability to shoot the genestealers on the following turn. I also noted that against Tyranids, the +1 attack isn’t all that big a deal when you consider they were getting 3 attacks base anyway (due to mods and such). Nevertheless, my Fire Warriors withstood the first round of assaults bravely, even though it wasn’t for “the greater good”.

Tau turn: I moved the HQ into the Kroot unit (more later) for protection against the Genestealers who would certainly win the turn’s close combat. I created a smallish Fish of Fury wall to protect Pathfinders and FWs (disembarking from Stunned DF), and moved crisis suits forward to take out another Zoanthrope.
Two Piranha, the HQ, and kroot took out the remaining Zoanthrope on the left. Crisis suits and pathfinders/devilfish took out the other remaining.

Enemy forces remaining = Carnifex, about 8 genestealers (who won their close combat and consolidated toward the Kroot/HQ, not the Fish wall) and 4 Warriors.
Since this was an Omega level game, random turn length was rolled for, and a Turn 7 (and subsequently a Turn 8) would be played.

Turn 7: Genestealers assault Kroot. Carnifex gets a weapon destroyed against a Piranha. Warriors get into leaping charge range of Fire Warrior team.

Note to Self: “Leaping” means 12-inch charge… whoops…

During the Assaults, kroot take lots of casualties and I illegally used Hit and Run to extract the Shas’El (I didn’t know, and there was no one in the store to ask – I’ve confessed to my opponent about my mistake and he says no big deal). Fire Warriors benefit from photon grenades, because a successful Warrior consolidation could have dominoed into both Pathfinders and Crisis suits. Fire Warriors hold. Kroot are wiped out due to failing Ld and being over-run (had the Shas’El been there, they would not have failed Ld)

Tau turn: Piranha and (illegally moved) Shas’El attack Carnifex, leaving it with two wounds remaining (it was T7!). Pathfinders load back up, Crisis Suits get out of the way of consolidation.

During close combat, Fire Warriors die.

Turn 8: Remaining genestealers assault and destroy HQ Shas’El. Tyranids try shooting down Devilfish to take be able to assault Crisis Suits, but miss (he should have moved around, but on turn 8, he was getting sloppy). Carnifex assaults Piranha, and Flechette discharger causes a wound! Take that T7!

Tau: Piranha kill off Carnifex with first Fusion blaster. The remaining DF with FWs moves forward and rapid fires the remaining genestealers, killing them. The crisis team “experiments” with their never-before-armed Flamers, which, on a collection of tightly packed warriors is better than single shot Fusion Blasters. Warriors are reduced to one model, and that’s all that the Nid player has left on the board at game end.

Tau player has 10 FWs, 8 Pathfinders (who never once fired a markerlight), Warfish, 2 Devilfish, 2 Piranha, 2 crisis suits w/shield drones.

Final score: about 1900 to 750.

The nid player was a novice, and I commended him on never giving up. Even a few genestealers managed to rip through quite a few units (FWs, Kroot, HQ Shas’El). His list was expensive, which favored my list which was designed to deal with Save 2+ tyranids. Though he was my least experienced opponent, not counting my loss to Necrons, it was the closest game I played (the Necron fiasco couldn’t be helped due to dice/WBB).

The Rising Tide Expeditionary force recovered the wounded, disposed of the dead, and returned to orbit…

I was most pleased with the functionality of the Piranha in this game. Go anywhere, hit MCs when you need to. They were the proverbial fly in the ointment that never gave him rest. I’m very sorry I cheated about the Hit and Run… :-[
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500

A shame you never got to use your lights .
wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500

Originally Posted by heliodorus04
I’m not big on posting Battle Reports because the terrain plays a big part in a battle, and yet it’s very difficult to capture how terrain affects the battlefield.
Maps and photos help quite a bit in that regard. Nice report, though. +1
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500

hey you could have had him leave the squad and then retro out of there anyways so fuggetaboutit
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500

Originally Posted by PacoQuerak
hey you could have had him leave the squad and then retro out of there anyways so fuggetaboutit
wait nevermind i was wrong
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500

Good going, that's some major whoop ass

1- a picture's worth a thousand words... even sketchy winpaint ones

2- awesome use of Fish of Fury.... savor it... it's not everyday that plans actually work the way we want it to. Nice siezure of the day!

3- ever seen the Airburstfragprojektor in action yet? > (incase nids are your frequent opponent)
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500

Nice battle report even with out the pics. And if you ever go against 'nids again bring the ALF because it will demolish massive amounts of 'nids.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500

very good battle rep
Tau wins 38 tie 2 lost 8

Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

dark eldar wins 5 tie 0 lost 1
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau Versus Tyranids - 1500

good stuff.. nice report
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