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Beginning themes for a Tau army
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Old 24 Jul 2006, 08:19   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Beginning themes for a Tau army


my first official post on the topic of tau. I plan to create a tau force themed around battlesuits, fire warriors and drones.

I plan to not use any kroot or vespid as i would like to stick to an anime theme of "giant robots, soldiers, small drones and tanks".

so this is the type of army i have mind.

1 battlesuit commander

3 battlesuits
3 stealth suits

2, 3 or 4 fire warrior units

8 gun drones

3 broadside battlesuits and/or
sniper drone team and/or
hammerhead tanks.

weapons wise, what would be good surrounding the anime theme in battlesuits and the hammerheads. i was thinking of missile pods, burst cannons, railgun with submisions and maybe an ion cannon.

any suggestions are welcome.

as i've never played with tau before (even a friend has them and i've never played them!) what would repected commanders advise to a fresh recruit?

Shi Tau'va (Aki)
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Default Re: beginning thmes for a tau army

Firstly hi and welcome to the Tau forums.

I agree that the Tau's anime theme is cool, its one of the reasons I chose to play them.
I would suggest more stealthsuits, they can really pack a punch. For themed weapons I would take Missile Pods and Plasma Rifles, this has the advantage of being a great combo rules-wise also. Try converting the suits so it looks as if they are holding the rifles in their hands rather than on mounts.

For heavy support, I would take a Hammerhead with an Ion Cannon against marines (or equivalent) as you lack a lot of 3+ negating weapons and a Railgun against anything else.

I would consider some pathfinders also, theme wise they could be the recon unit spotting for the main strike force of battlesuits. Actually thats pretty much what they are in the normal theme anyway.

Give them Rail Rifles if you want to have the theme continuing (Eg. Main force calls in sniper support from the prelocated scouts) but sniper drones would be more effective. I just think that they don't fit into anime very well but you may think differently. If you do then Sniper drones are the better choice.

If you do take Sniper drones then take pathfinders also (just with M-Lights) they are really useful.

Hope I have been helpful, I would be interested to see your finished army and hear how it goes.

"The strength of your force may be calculated by multiplying it's weight by it's velocity. Strive always to maximize both" - Commander Puertide

"For the Greater Good!"
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Default Re: beginning thmes for a tau army

well if you want to have an even more anime feeling and $$ and point cost is not an issue i suggest giving your FW sqaud 'fishes so they become very mobile and you have so more tank looking things on the table ;D

want a sig or avatar like mine? http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=29403.0 request there and i'll do w/e you want
i used to be Tau_va back in the day o_0
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Default Re: beginning thmes for a tau army

Build an effective army, give each unit a purpose in general and once the game starts, stay mobile, keep the enemy away from assault, but close in to your most effective range.
Watch me rebuild my army! - Now with pics of my new scheme!

Open invitation to all: Send me a pm, and I'll be have a look at your army list.
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Default Re: beginning thmes for a tau army

More mobility. Mount the FWs in devilfishes.
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Default Re: beginning thmes for a tau army

whats with people and anime ??
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