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Hit and Run, and IC question
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Default Hit and Run, and IC question

I was playing a novice today who didn't know rules. It was a Sunday in the store, no one else to fall back on.

I had a Shas'El with VRT. Things were going poorly against some genestealers, so I had the Shas'El (an independenct character) join a unit of Kroot in his own movement phase. The Genestealers assaulted the kroot in the ensuing movement, and I couldn't find anything that said Hit and Run required your unit to be alone to get away from a combat.

We decided to d6 it, and I got the result I wanted - used H&R to move into rapid fire range of a carnifex. Kroot died. Carnifex died.

Something seems decidedly wrong about that, but I couldn't find anything that said I could not use H&R to leave a combat and ipso facto leave the unit I was with in the Assault Phase (I know the latter part is technically illegal in every other circumstance but with regard to H&R, I had to figure out what to do on the fly).

For the record, Genestealers did wipe out the Shas'El in their next movement phase, but the Shas'El scored two wounds on the Carnifex between that time and his own death...
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Default Re: Hit and Run, and IC question

You can't use VRT's if you're merged with the unit. Hit and run, among others, are lost if the unit you join doesn't have it.

If he was still independant and just moved in to assault also, then he could use H&R.

But since he was with the kroot he couldn't.

If they all died though... he's reverted to IC status... so I guess he could use it... but it seems damn iffy.
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Default Re: Hit and Run, and IC question

I just wish that VRT and Stim I. could be given to more than one unit in an army, I'm fine with the special issue restriction on what models can take it but when compared to armies like chaos which can take any number of equivelant upgrade per army it seems unfair.
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Default Re: Hit and Run, and IC question

Well, first of all, the rules for hit and run are in the Rule book under the Universal special rules.
BUT, the specific use is in your codex.
It seems that you have the knowledge about the hit and run, but not if it works with your IC.

You could have checked your codex, which I hope you have...

Under VRT it says clearly its for monat crisis only and he has to be alone (for the VRT to work), hence he cant have drones attached.

I hope you did the hit and run move after close combat, and not before.
The hit and run is a "fall back" move and it works just like a failed moral check. The result you get on your dice roll, is the distance you have to move in one direction. Though, a hit and run fall back, you will recover from when you finnish your move, so you can move as normal next turn (just like the Space marines "And they shall know no fear".)

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Default Re: Hit and Run, and IC question

No, unfortunately. Even if the whole unit had Hit and Run (which is impossible here), the only time when ICs can join and leave a unit is during the movement phase. You can't leave a unit in the assault phase, even with Hit and Run.
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