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sniper drones or hammerhead?
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Old 23 Jul 2006, 14:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default sniper drones or hammerhead?

i am slightly undecided between what to get, sniper drones or a hammerhead? i am leaning towards a hammerhead because i have used one in a battle and have seen the destruction it can do. but i have also used sniper drones and they a re good a taking out S.M. which i face a lot. i dont know what to do.
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Old 23 Jul 2006, 15:36   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: sniper drones or hammerhead?

short term: go with the hammerhead; unless u just get one team of sniper drones, it doesnt pay to use that heavy slot for a simple 3 shots

long term: depends on ur preference and the # of points u play
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Default Re: sniper drones or hammerhead?

Start with the HH, I'd argue.
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Default Re: sniper drones or hammerhead?

Sniper Drones can be good. 3 shots at 36" for 80 pts. And you can get 3 sets of them for only 240 pts, counting as only one Heavy choice, with 9 shots and 3 Markerlight shots (And by my understanding, each set of those Sniper Drones can fire at seperate units). Where as the Hammerhead takes a minimum of 130 pts, but can only fire at one unit. To make it be able to fire at seperate units, you need to upgrade it with a Multi-tracker. This only brings it up to 135 pts. This still makes the Hammerhead a better choice for a large scale battle. But then you have to also look at what units your opponent is using. If he's using more vehicles, then you want to use the Hammerhead. But if he's using more infantry, then you should probably use the Sniper Drones, because of their stealth ability and the ability to make the unit take a pinning test.
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Default Re: sniper drones or hammerhead?

I'm guessing that you are asking Ion Canon Hammerhead or a Sniper Team.

If your just killing Marine infantry then get the Sniper Team for three reasons.
1) Cheaper points cost.
2) Adds another Marker Light to your army. ;D
3) Same AP as a Ion Canon

The Hammerhead is mobil but will be a high target priority for your opponet just because of it's size and aggresive look (not to mention weapons load). The Sniper team will require a spotting check and that means if he fails he can't target another unit. I find that most players are not willing to miss a turn of shooting from a unit who could shot at something else in range.
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Default Re: sniper drones or hammerhead?

i typically run 3 hammerheads...

that said, i've bought 2 sniper drone teams and i'm getting another.

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Default Re: sniper drones or hammerhead?

sniper drone are very good for nercons they will own nercons but i think three teams must do
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Default Re: sniper drones or hammerhead?

First, a hammerhead. Buy the skyray box (has all the pieces for anything using that chassis). Its a versatile and relatively cost-effective tank, and the ion-cannon version gets you three shots of marine-killing also. No markerlight, but secondary weapons or drones instead.

After that, get 2 or 3 teams of sniper drones. 1 is just no good.

Make sure to test it out with proxies first... both for the hammerhead (don't glue that turret! EVER! you wanna be able to swap weapons or even tank model!) but I'm quite certain you'll love both units.
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