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Independent character
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Default Independent character

i understand the independent character rules clearly i think, however for example let us say that that my crisis commander fires his plasma rifle from 24 inches away at a guardian squad led by a farseer and i fire my plasma rifle from 24 inches away and the only model in range is the farseer. can i shoot at him even though he is independent and may the player choose to take off a guardian instead of a wound on the farseer?
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Default Re: independent character

This is a good question.

What you are doing is explicitly LEGAL.
Yes, it is technically "sniping" but if your opponent leaves you an opportunity, this is the way to take it. You are shooting at the unit within the full legal rules. It just so happens that your opponent made it so that the only model in the unit that you can affect is the farseer.

You didn't pick the target, the rules require you to pick the farseer.

If you can judge your movement spot and your range properly, you can "snipe" this way without guilt. In fact, I've even done this with plasma rifle using rapid fire. The whole unit was in range of 12.1 inches to 24, but only the death company librarian was in range of 12.0 inches or less. He could not choose to make me not rapid fire, and because I did rapid fire, the only model I could affect was the librarian. Yay me!

Snipe away! Just don't pre-measure movement or range. You have to "eyeball" it
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Default Re: independent character

People will complain the first couple times you do this. A lot. After that, they will start to be more careful where they deploy. A lot of players will put characters right up in the front so that they have a better chance of getting into close-combat. Range-sniping simply punishes them for that. I used it to pick a Starcannon platform right off the front of a guardian squad last game.

I don't have a guilty conscience about doing it. Most armies get to have a lot of control over the assault phase, choosing which models get into contact with who. Tau do not have that luxury, but we can make the most of the control we can exert over the shooting phase and movement phase. So snipe away!
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Default Re: Independent character

It's perfectly legal, as you can only remove models as casualties if they are within range of the weapon firing upon them. I've done this a few times with lucky positioning of my pirinha to 'snipe' out anti-tank models in SM squads (I don't like missile launchers....) using a Fusion Blaster..
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Default Re: Independent character

Unfortunatly most of the people I play deploy their characters at the back of their squads. the tables at my local store are perfect for it though as they are made of 12"X12" blocks wich can be reassembled to make different terrain, all I have to do is wait for someone to slip up and count the blocks.
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