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Paint scheme?
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Default Paint scheme?

I recently bought some Tau firewarriors with the intention of just painting them for fun. However I've since decided I might try actually getting into the game of 40k, but since reading the Tau codex I see that the way I've painted them doesn't quite fit the way they're supposed to be painted. For instance I painted all of their shoulder pads with a white band instead of just the squad leader, and it said that they usually wear armour to suit their enviroment (and mine have red helmets :). I've only done 4 so I was wondering if they're okay of if I should change them, and if so, how?

(This is my first try at painting by the way so they're not too wonderful)

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Default Re: Paint scheme?

they look pretty good i like the color scheme
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Default Re: Paint scheme?

Yes Tau FWs usually adapt their armor to the enviroment. You painted the FWs before deciding to actually play with them so you didn't know what was "right" and what was "wrong". Truth is that there is no right or wrong.. but if it annoys you that your paint sceme doesn't follow the ones shown in the Codex book.. well then repaint them.. BUT if you like the way they are now dont change a thing. As long as you are happy with your mini's and they look the way you want I dont see a reason why you should change them. At least you paint your models!!

Concerning the squadleader.. well you could always repaint his shoulder pad in the sept color so no biggy there. Again there is no "right" or "wrong" way to paint your models as long as you are happy.

oh and by the way.. I think they look cool
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Default Re: Paint scheme?

Really you can paint them any way you want. These could be pulled off as city or char volcanic planet fighters. Just as long as you make a difference in the commanders paint job you should be fine. Oh and for a first time paint job, its alot better then most.
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Default Re: Paint scheme?

Those are actually pretty sweet. And dont wory about the paint scheme. You can literally do whatever you like. My army for instance is painted a bright metalic blue and silver. Like that would actually fit in with the dab greys of an Imperial City or a dense green jungle? Not likely but I did it anyway and its cool looking. You have free reign over your paint scheme with Tau we really dont have much layed down for us so can come up with whatever makes sense or just looks cool. Its not like Ultramarines, Alpha legion or Grey Knights there arent many traditional color schemes. Go with what you like and thats really quite a nice paint job.

Besides yours wouldnt make a bad Cityfight army. They dont have to be completely covered in camo or the natural areas color. If you want a fluff justification you could say they left their helmets the ceremonial color of their home world or sept. Nothing needs changed its quite a good scheme.

As for the squad leader you have only done four. When you do the squad leader I usually give him a bonding knife which is a good distinction and you could paint his shoulder pad red and leave the rest white. White isnt the universal Tau symbol for an officer. Its the T'au homeworlds method but that doesnt tell us what the rest of the empire does. I usually use silver distinctionary colors on my squad leaders while the rest of the units are just blue. The stark contrast of the red will also help easily pick ou the squad leader from playing distance which can be a big help.

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Default Re: Paint scheme?

Great job for the first squad man, the scheme looks good.
Don't worry about the codex it only contains suggestions not rules.
IMO the green optics seem to clash a bit with the red and make the army look a little less real, maybe blue or even black would tone in with an urban environment more but thats just my opinion feel free to ignore it.
For the squad leader just switch the scheme on the shoulder pad; make the tau symbol white and the stripe red.

Good work.

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