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Farsight's alignment?
View Poll Results: Do you believe Commander Farsight is corrupted or not?
He's bad 14 23.33%
He's good 46 76.67%
Voters: 60. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 19 Jul 2006, 02:41   #1 (permalink)
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Default Farsight's alignment?

ok i field farsight and was wondering about the fluff surrounding him. bad or good? and the last thing i want is to have the undead discussion of whats good and evil, from the TAU empire's perpective. or as from your perspective fellow commander? do you think the fellow commander is corupted or not and what are your reasons?

i will voice my own opinion first, farsight comes from a regular backround just known to have an aggressive timeline. only real hard evidense i have is the quote in the codex, i will not quote it but read the codex page entry on him and it sounds to me like he only acted on his own path, niether a friend or foe of the tau empire, which is not nessarily evil in my book.

again this not a debate about good and evil only different perpective.
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Old 19 Jul 2006, 03:27   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Farsight's alignment?

I voted good, but you may want to add a third option for "no idea whatsoever". Farsight is still a pretty big mystery, and we have no way of knowing his true intentions at the present time.
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Old 19 Jul 2006, 03:29   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Farsight's alignment?

I view Farsight as more of a neutral character. While he did abandon the Tau empire he is looking to follow his own ideals. I don't view that as particularly bad, do you? He also liberated a lot of Tau that did not like the current Tau way of life, I view this as a very good thing.

The only way I would consider Farsight bad is if he actually worked up an attack against Tau forces, otherwise he is just going with what he feels.
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Default Re: Farsight's alignment?

Some "cahos tAu Plz" say bad in the hopes he's turned evil.

More likely though, he has some damn good reason for doing what he did. Remember, the way its described sounds more like 'excommunication' from the ethereals than actually breaking off... I personally think the ethereals may have become a liability for whatever reason... perhaps after another race managed to copy that ethereal effect, and an 'antidote' for their mind-control effect had to be developped and used?

hey, its less out-there than "he's necron chaos spiky tau leader now, and we'll have noise-crisis suits!"

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Default Re: Farsight's alignment?

I dont really like the Farsight is a necron/chaos pawn ideas out there. I personally think that his experiences fighting the orks and the death of his ethereal caused him to question his beliefs and go out on his own. Now maybe the sword has some chaos or alien influence involved in it, but I dont think it really has much control over him. At the very most I think it might influence his actions slightly during times of stress. Kinda like Felix's Sword in Dragonslayer.
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Default Re: Farsight's alignment?

Oh man this topic never dies. Farsight is gonna return to the Empire with Aun'shi by his side, he will regain his mantle as a top 'O, marry Shadowsun, and finally find out that Aun'Va is his father...

But seriously, I think he's a good guy, but really that's just what I'd like to think. GW did a good job with the fluff making it hard to tell what his intentions are.

P.S. - This is a little silly but I noticed that the Dawn Blade looks similar to the new Wraithlords sword... let the conspiracy theories begin...again!
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Old 19 Jul 2006, 05:45   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Farsight's alignment?

oh... thats was just what we need another happily ever after ending with Farsight and Shadow-Sun driving into the sunset for thier hunny-moon in a flower covered skimmer... sarcasm

id be more like Shadow-Sun kicking his d'yi for dumping her during school and going away to fight the orks

Shadow-Sun fluffwise hates Farsight and Farsight may be pissed when if ever he comes back and finds that the chick demolished his statue

conclusion: farsight is belived to be bad by the tau but for all we know aun'va could have seduced shadow-sun into being his pleasure slave/voice to the tau with the same stuff the ethereals use on other tau to get their total obetience in the end he is neutral and the only tau to resist the control of the ethereals

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Default Re: Farsight's alignment?

Yeah, he is a rebell without a clue ;D

No, honestly, I just think that he still wants to protect "his" people, but he just grew disillusioned with the Ethereals. And after his ethereals died (I guess it were Eldar. Come on, this would be their style), he found out that... ta-daaaa! he was free to do whatever he wanted. So he founded his colonies, trained his troops, and continued to protect his Empire from Orcs which try to cross the Damocles Gulf.

My two cents
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Old 19 Jul 2006, 12:59   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Farsight's alignment?

I like to put it in this analogy: Farsight is like a kid, and the Ethereals are like the kid's parents. Rember, the first time your parents lft or the night (buiness trip, fancy dinner, etc). You could theoritcal do, whatever you want. Say, something your parents did not want you to do. Farsight and the ethereals are like the same thing. Once the etherals are out of the picture, Farsight could do whatever he pleases. Including training in CC. Now, say, when the parents come home and finds the kid doing something he's not supposed to do, the parents may get mad and say the kid is bad. Same with the ethereals. When the ethereals found out what Farsight is doing, tehy got mad and "excommunicated" him. Well, that's my view.
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Default Re: Farsight's alignment?

Time will tell on this, but for now I'm inclined to say he serves the Greater Good in his own way, eg, krumpin Orks... which is always a good thing.

Stripped of the control of the Etherals, he is free to develop his own views on the universe at large. He will probably say a few things that raise eyebrows (or the Tau equivelent) and do a few things that the Etherals will question his judgement over, but as a member of the Fire caste, his only true duty is to protect Tau society. So long as he is not derelict in this duty, it's all good.

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