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If you are new to this board, read this!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default If you are new to this board, read this!

Ok if you are new to this board and have certain questions about the following topics do a search. They have already been beaten to death.

1. What army to play
2. What to put in your army
3. Is mech tau cheesy/powergaming
4. Is it cowardly to run from hand to hand
5. What is a better tank configuration: Ionhead or Railhead
6. What are better Hammerheads or Broadsides
7. Why do Etherials suck as leaders
8. How does Jump shoot Jump work
9. How do markerlights work
10. Whats better, static, mech or hybred

Go out read the rulebook, read the codex, rinse-recycle and repeat.

Go out and get 1 commander and 2 squads, play with that and get good feel for what you want. Figure out how use those units really work. From there GO EXPERIMENT and play games. Different units are good against different armys. Experience will be the best teacher for you. There IS NO PERFECT TAU ARMY. All armys have avantages and disavatages. Make your own army, see what works for you, and go with it. Being a lemming will get you no where.

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Originally Posted by Farsightwarrior01
1. What army to play
This one shouldn't even be in the Tau section, if you're still figuring out what army you want to play you should go to general 40k where all armies are discussed. If you are posting it here, you should already know you are leaning towards Tau so go ahead and start them.

Originally Posted by Farsightwarrior01
9. How do markerlights work
Well, actually, most people do not make a topic asking how markerlights work. They usually make a topic asking how good they are, or if you should take them. I think most people already know how markerlights work if they own the codex, (there is a stat line and a huge paragraph on the different ways of working them, and how they benefit you).

Originally Posted by Falstead
Falstead: I don't think you can ever justify a T5 goat in a regular 40k game
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Most of this is found in the stickies. And the Mods tend to address this. I'd say that a. It's unnecessary, and B. All caps is extremely annoying. I'd ask for a mod to lock this.
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Default Re: If you are new to this board, read this!

Yeah. All of these issues are addressed in the Important Topics and other stickies, but there is a limit to how effective they are. In an open forum, it is hard to force people to go through any kind of guidelines before posting. Thus, we end up with a lot of repeat topics. Since we discourage thread necromancy, they show up as new threads more often than not. I appreciate the effort, but many of those topics you listed have proven all but impossible to kill. Every fews weeks they rise up from their shallow graves to feast on the flesh of the living, at which point we all must do our part to send them back to zombie hell.

err... right, then. As you were.
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