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Tau vs. Chaos 1250 pts CoD [Batrep]
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Default Tau vs. Chaos 1250 pts CoD [Batrep]

Ok, so this is my first battle report. This was also my first real game so we will see how you all like it. First off Ill tell you what I took in my army.

2 squads of 12 Firewarriors and another squad of 10
12 Kroot
Commander with PR, MP, MT
2x TL Flamer, shield gen crisis suits
Monat TL FB + TA suit
2x TL MP + TA suits
Hammerhead with Ion cannon, SMS, MT, DL
Hammerhead with Railgun, SMS, MT, DL
3x Broadsides, A.S.S, SMS

Now I have no idea what the chaos guy had exactly but I will try to explain to you all know

Chaos lord with lots of goodies
3x good size, heavy3 / assult2 guns (they change) troops, i think
3 obliterators
dreadnaught (had 13 front armor)
(he said he didnt have a "legal" chapter so he had to spend lots of points giving people stuff they would have gotten for free if he did not take the obliterators ???)

The game was called firesweep, there were three flags and who ever controlled the most at the end won the game. I deployed first and he went first. (game board it attached for those who want to see it, red dots are the buildings that had the flags)

I deployed two sets of firewarriors by the bottom left city ruin. The other squad was on the wall along with the deathrains, flamers and broadsides. The kroot were placed as a sheild in front of the bigger squad by the ruins. The ion cannon was placed by the left side of the tower with the commander behind it. The railhead was placed between the two left city ruins.

He deployed one troop in the garbage head, one below that and the third by the ruins. The obliterators and dread were to the right of the garbage heap and the lord was in the heap. He went first.

Turn 1: He targeted my broadsides with the lascannons on the obliterators and destroyed one. The garbage head troops manouvered towards the tower, taking shots at the kroot and killing a few. The other troop moved towards the sewage plant. The lord follows toward the tower and the dread stays place.

I retaliate with the broadsides putting only one wound on the obliterators. The flamers and deathrains more towards the troop going for the sewage plant. The missile pods bounce off the oblitarators. The firewarriors stay put and shoot into the only visable enemy troop squad, two die. The ion cannon swings left and lets loose killing two more troops. The railhead targets the dread and it is blown to chaos heaven. Fusion suit and commander shoot and move toward upper city ruin.

Turn 2: One troop squad climbs the tower and bunkers in. The lord take the other squad to the upper city ruins. The third squad breaches the sewage plant and kills a flamer suit. The obliterators again fire into the broadsides infliting not wounds . One troops kills the rest of the kroot and the other knocks off a few firewarriors.

All of my units pass their leadership tests. The flamer and deathrains march towards the troops that for some reason want a sewage plant. They both take out one guy and jet pack back. The broadsides knock out the wounded obliterator. Two squads of firewarriors rapidfire into the chaos that have claimed the tower, .... but only kill ONE guy. The other squad of firewarriors, commander and ion cannon shoot into the chaos squad moving toward the upper city ruin, 4 die. I end my turn hoping that my firewarriors will learn how to aim.

Turn 3: The sewage chaos blast away both of my deathrains and put one wound on the flamer. The tower guys take out a couple of FWs on the ground. The other squad reaches the city ruin and kills my fusion crisis. The obliterators shoot the broadsides and do nothing.

Everyone passes morale, except the flamer, who runs away and become useless :. Broadsides once again fire at obliterators and kill one. Both FW squads rapid fire the tower unit killing two. Commander, ion and railhead take out 4-5 city ruin guys ;D. I pretty much just sit tight from now on and fire massed shots in to his troops till they hopefully die.

Turn 4: The sewage guys cant hit anyone but, they have to stay there to claim the flag, so the are pretty much ignored for the rest of the game. Tower troops kill a few FWs. City ruin troops manuver and kill a few FWs also. Obliterators do there thing and nothing happens.

Flamer is running around willy nilly and I kill him because he is bugging me . The firewarrios creep closer to the tower and unlease another round of rapidfire. A couple more die, but this time I decided to have the broadsides unlease a swarm of smartmissiles into the tower. This brings the count of chaos in the tower to 3. The ion cannon decideds to help out but seems to miss all three shots. The rail gun takes out a city ruin guy and five FW enter the upper city ruin. The commander takes a plasma shot at the ruins guy and kills one. This leaves the chaos lord and three troops left in the ruins.

Turn 5: The sewage plant group is playing poker and smoking some cigars while the rest of us are battling for our lives. Obliterator does a monkey dance and nothing happens. The tower people take some shots and actually miss all of them, hail the etherals! The ruin folk take some shots and assult the firewarriors, the result is a draw, lol, no wounds!.

I take the tower folk down to just the seargent and prepare the commander and a squad to go up the ladder to the top. The fight at the ruin leaves just the lord and 5 FWs.

Turn 6: Obliterator is useless! Fires some shots here and there but nothing really happens. The chaos lord kills 4 firewarriors.

I drop the tower seargent and the firewarriors claim the flag with their commander. The lord kills the remaining FW and takes some wounds. The broadsides get some sweet sweet revenge and kill the last obliterator.

He won in the end because I never contested the city ruin flag from him so I only had the tower one :-\ VP wise I would have probably won. I was left with 20ish firewarriors, the commander, two hammerheads, two broadsides, and the useless flamer. He only had a wounded chaos lord and 75% of a troop squad.

All in all is was a good battle with lots of carnage!!!, but the tau took a loss. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Those chaos guys are tough! It took like 3-4 turns of rapid fire to finally kill the squads. Normally I run an army with only two troop choices but I was trying out a new list with more troop and it is the real reason I survived this game. Go Firewarriors!!
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Default Re: Tau vs. Chaos 1250 pts CoD [Batrep]

Umm... flamers on a crisis battlsuit? You realied on that... against chaos? Flamers are risky enough, but against an army who could assault you easily, even with JSJ, on a flamer suit... consider taking more fire knives man.
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Default Re: Tau vs. Chaos 1250 pts CoD [Batrep]

I didnt know who I was facing until I got there. I made the list as an all comers list and the flamers were there incase I had to get some people outta a building. You can get a 3+ cover save in some CoD maps and I know it was Chaos this time but it could of been orks or IG and the ablitly to ingore that cover save is really nice sometimes. As you have probably read, the flamers were useless in this game
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Default Re: Tau vs. Chaos 1250 pts CoD [Batrep]

Firewarriors are good. Sory things went bad for ya this time and I see someone else used the poker image. Thats what my Firewarriors did long ago when my army was still hybrid. For game after game nearly all my Firewarriors would be stuck playing poker as the ordanance shells bombard around them and the rest of my army fights to the death. Its why I mounted em up, get them moving and in the enemies face. Its worked pretty well till CoD. Now Im reconsidering how to use those Firewarriors.

Better luck next time lets hope.

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Default Re: Tau vs. Chaos 1250 pts CoD [Batrep]

xv88 shots are S10
Oblit are T4/5

you should never be able to put 1 wound on an obit with a rail gun.... instakill
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Default Re: Tau vs. Chaos 1250 pts CoD [Batrep]

Originally Posted by Knight Actual
xv88 shots are S10
Oblit are T4/5

you should never be able to put 1 wound on an obit with a rail gun.... instakill
hmmmm..... very true, but oh well, you forget somestuff sometimes, plus he hit my broadsides with a lascannon and game me a wound
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Default Re: Tau vs. Chaos 1250 pts CoD [Batrep]

Game was actually a draw:P The chaos lord is an Independant character, and thus cannot hold objectives.
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Default Re: Tau vs. Chaos 1250 pts CoD [Batrep]

Yes, I know, but he had a squad in there that killed my firewarriors in there. So, he had it for one turn before my ion cannon and SMS killed them We first reported it as a draw, but the store owner was like, this map cant have a draw and we had to go back and see who last had a scoring unit in there and it happened to be him.
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