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+40 shots...and no wounds...
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Old 17 Jul 2006, 01:26   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default +40 shots...and no wounds...

today i played chaos w/ my tau and i was in a situation where his 3 guys (forgot the name) deepstriked into me. thought i was screwed but he put his fire into my kroot >_>. so basically, i had rapid firing fire warriors, BS 4 stealth suits (wanted to try something new), 2 rapid fire kroot, 2 gun drones, crisis suit with plasma rifle and missile pod, and railgun.

note: these guys have 2+ save and invul of i forget.

basically, i shot ALL OF THAT at him and didnt cause ANY wounds. the railgun ended up missing. i seriously must have the worst luck ever. not sure how, but i managed to take out all of them next turn with rapid fire plasma rifle and 3 railgun shots...go figure -_-
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Default Re: +40 shots...and no wounds...

Well, that's the problem of not worshiping the Dice Gods the right way

In 40K, there's always the problem of rolling 1s to hit and rolling 6s to save. In essence, thse 40 shots on the Oblitators should have delt with at least 1, however, I guess it was purely bad luck in the roll.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: +40 shots...and no wounds...

wow bad luck with the dice. :'( We all have those days.

comicfreak :funny:
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Default Re: +40 shots...and no wounds...

Wow bad luck.

Luck is a pendulum, it swings both ways.

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Old 17 Jul 2006, 03:43   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: +40 shots...and no wounds...

I've had that problem before. I FoFed a bunch of templars with 2 units and only 1 kill... And that was from a devilfish
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Old 17 Jul 2006, 05:14   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: +40 shots...and no wounds...

i'm curious, putting aside wounds (or lack of) how many shot actually HIT?
specifically. how accurate were the BS4 stealths?
i've been considering this myself for some time.
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Default Re: +40 shots...and no wounds...

Bad luck, we all get that. Heck Ive been on a streak of bad luck for far too long. 2+ save, high toughness units with invulnerable saves can be difficult to deal with and there are few ways to properly deal with them save tons and tons of small arms fire. Not really bad luck, just slightly below average. You will have worse situations from time to time.

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Default Re: +40 shots...and no wounds...

Bad luck dude, I've had some tough rolls myself, let me just say thank god that tau plasma rifles don't overheat.
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Default Re: +40 shots...and no wounds...

Hm...sounds like a Obliterator cult. But that is some nasty saves for their side. Most of the time, 24 shots from my fire warriors will make them go down like flies.

For terminators, it would be much easier.

But I do have a case where a single eldar Farseer surviving all the shots from my entire 1000point army and manage to assault me to a pulp. hat's what you call invincible. But that dude finally died in turn 6.
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Default Re: +40 shots...and no wounds...

Yah sounds like Oblivirators
Fluff vice they should be able to take the pain but game vice they should have suffered some casualties. Bad luck? Well try this one out:

One mutant with a normal flamer shoots my 9 Dominion Battle sisters (they have power armours).
Hit wounds all of my Dominions!

Cool I said, but I have power armour, so atleast half of them will live, and then I will use my flamers on you my firend.

And so came the armour save roll.
Not a single one survied. Only ones and twos.
A freaking 10 points mutant killed a whole squad of Dominions...

Now thats bad luck. From this game I have never complained about bad luck again. And I make sure I sacrifice a token to the Dice gods before each game

Yours Truly


It's just a game... have fun!
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