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[BatRep] Paintballing is sooo fun with Tau...
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Default [BatRep] Paintballing is sooo fun with Tau...

If you're wondering whether I'm high right now or not, I'm not. I just had a very fun experience paintballing another Tau force. Paintballing hammerheads is so weird. To bad it's not a nerf solid shot. It'd actually have stats...

Shas'o Castris was bored. Really, really bored. That kind of bored you get when you're itching to do something, but can't, and no other past time will satisfy your taste for whatever you want. Shas'o Castris, Along with Aun'vre Ramos'va were on a Hero Class cruiser, waiting to be deployed on Medusa V. However, the Kor'el had yet to deem a suitable place for the Manta's to drop any decent amount of troops off.
"Stupid defence lasers...", thought Castris.
Then he had an idea. He called Ramos'va on the intercom.
"Honored One, what to you say we do a little practice run, my cadre versus yours, so we don't die of boredom up here."
"If you are to die of boredom, Shas'o, you are not doing your full duties to the Greater Good. However, my troops are restless as well, so we may as well. I'll tell the Fio to prepare the natural terrain practice field, and my Shas'o to ready the giu'nas (paintball) shells for the cadre. You should do the same."

The field was finally set, and the Shas were taking up their positions along the field. Castris decided to watch the proceedings, giving the honor to Cadre Nevas and Shas'o Cicero, to participate in the mock battle. Castris was amused though, as two Por'uis came to watch, to practice their skills at filming battles while not getting hit. He was with them, just to watch. He knew that the "enemy" commander was young, and not as battle hardened as Cicero was, but it was going to be good fight. Cicero, according to his mantra, didn't have any hammerheads, but a variety of units of which to use. The order came to begin...


The Shas of Ramos'va took the initiative, seeing the contempt of Shas'o Cicero at being engaged in something so dull, just to liven up his supreme commander.
"However", Cicero though to himself, "mock battles are always useful to ascertain our allies strengths and weaknesses."
And so it began. On the right flank of the Tau of Shas'o Cicero, the hammerhead stayed put, preparing to fire, while the command squad, crisis monat, and stealth team advanced. In the center, a kroot team left the woods, hiding behind rocks, while vespids and a devilfish took the left. The devilfish obviously had sensor spines, as it went through some trees with ease. The hammerhead and stealth team "killed" a broadside, while the command squad lobbed a shot from the ABFP into some fire warriors and a stealth team hiding, or trying to hide, behind some woods. The failed, losing a fire warrior, while the stealth team lost two, and were pinned. The rest of the command squad blasted the fire warriors away, leaving only 6 of their numbers left. The fire warriors stayed. On Cicero's left, Ramos'va had his honour guard kill four of a fire warrior strike team with emp grenades, while the vespids and devilfish of the pathfinders failed to do anything. Due, obviously to bad communications between the commander and his heavy support, the broadside and sniper drones failed to do anything.
Cicero responded by annihilating the vespids by an advancing squad of rapid firing fire warriors. The fire warrior strike team pinned the kroot in the center, with massed help from allied pathfinders. Cicero stunned the devilfish. Shas'el Artemis killed 5 kroot with his CIB and plasma rifle. Amazingly, it was the drones of the pathfinder's devilfish that were the stars of this battle, pinning the enemy command squad, while they lost one of their bodyguard. Cicero sincerely hoped this didn't happen often in real battles.


After a bit more firing on both sides, Castris got a communique from the Kor'el.
"Sir, we have acquired a landing zone. the Aun'o has requested the immediate personal presence of Huntre Cadre Fueris, and yourself. Please respond."
"This is Castris. I read you. My cadre will be ready in 30 minutes. Over and out." Then to the Cadres fighting, he radioed to all units, "This is Castris. The Kor'el has informed me that we will be moving out soon. Cadre Fueris is to be ready in 30 minutes, ready for Manta and Orca embarkation. We strike at Geryon base soon.


I hope this was a little different from normal batreps. Yes the game was only one turn, as we both thought we had more time... how did I do on making it sound reasonable. later.

P.S. Calmsword, this was the battle that you missed.
"The gue'la will either except our destiny, or die!"
-Shas'o Castris
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Default Re: [BatRep] Paintballing is sooo fun with Tau...

That is actually a very cool way of fighting the same race I like how you ended it with a message from the Ethereal instead of some stupid ending.
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