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Quick rules question
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Old 15 Jul 2006, 20:23   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Quick rules question

If you give the leader of a fire warrior squad a markerlight and a multi tracker, can he fire the markerlight and his pulse rifle in one turn? If not, what's the point of having a multitracker option for infantry?
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Default Re: Quick rules question

My answer is no. Infantry like that may only fire one weapon a turn, as per the rulebook. Then again, I didn't even know you could give FireWarriors multitrackers.. I'll go look it up really quick.

Edit: I still don't know. The rules for the Multiracker state the model may fire two battlesuit weapons a turn. If I were you, I just wouldn't use it. It doesn't really have any potential anyway.
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Default Re: Quick rules question

Since multi tracker is a part of the armoury in the Tau infantry wargear I do belive they can shoot with their primary weapon (pulse rifle/carbine) and the marker light.

Most likely they didnt think about the description when they gave the FWs the option for the Multi tracker wargear.
Why would they even put the multi tracker in there unless the purpose is to fire two weapons? I see no other way to use a multi tracker...

And there is of course a use of multi tracker. Thing is, do you want to pay the extra points to do this? If I had points over I would

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Default Re: Quick rules question

Yes you can, however if there are enemies within 18" of you M-Lights It probably won't do much anyway.
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Default Re: Quick rules question

as far as I know, it's legal, but weird. Fun to do though. Seeing you shoot with an extra weapon with infantry models really messes with people... more than usual >
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Quick rules question

Originally Posted by drodgers
Yes you can, however if there are enemies within 18" of you M-Lights It probably won't do much anyway.
Markerlights shoot 36" and he said Rifle not Carbine which shoots 30". Were you mistaken, or is there something I'm not informed of?
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Default Re: Quick rules question

Yes, technically you can, however, as what Mazaha said, the rules aern't clear. Stay away from it, if I were you.
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Default Re: Quick rules question

To my knowledge, if you take a Multi-tracker and a Markerlight, yes you can fire both the Markerlight and Pulse Rifle/Carbine at the same time (albeit at the same target, and not benefiting from the Markerlight hit/token).
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