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Where should I take my rail rifles?
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Default Where should I take my rail rifles?

As a new tau player, I have been reading through the codex and decided to include rail rifles in my army in the future(once I expand past 750 points) but cant decide where to take them, So I would like to ask if everyone out there prefers taking railrifles in sniper squads or in pathfinder squads, or even with both, or none at all?

Your opinions please (I have not made up my mind thats why I am asking, and couldnt find a suitable topic talking directly about these points)
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Default Re: Where should I take my rail rifles?

With the advent of the new sniper drones, most people would use them. However, they take up a HS slot which could be decicated to more important gunz like Railguns and Ion Cannons. However, the considerable outpreform the pathfinder version, since hey have their own network markerlight and they have the option of a stealth field.
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Default Re: Where should I take my rail rifles?

Well... here's some of the good and bad of each.

Sniper Drones get up to NINE Rail-Rifles for a single force-organisation chart, split into up to three teams.
Pathfinders only get three.

Sniper Drones come protected by a stealth-field, immensely effective at maximum range.
Pathfinders come protected by a well-armed skimmer.

Sniper-drone-teams are as-is with a set cost and no options.
Pathfinders can choose grenades and trick out their devilfish.

Both are quite static when firing markerlights or rail rifles.

Sniper drones use a heavy-support slot.
Pathfinders use fast-attack.
(for me, that's pretty much equally annoying to place)

Sniper drones are a much cheaper source of rail-rifles.
Pathfinders are far more versatile.

If you prefer to play static, three teams of drones hidden around can provide markerlight support and MEQ-slaying goodness.

If you need something more mobile or want another skimmer, the pathfinders are your best bet. Personally though I'd rather just use them for their markerlights.
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Default Re: Where should I take my rail rifles?

I saw this at a game last week:

I'm going with a Sniper Drone squad, 1 team
A Pathfinder team, 7 PF (3 w/Rail Rifles) and a Shas'Ui with 2 Marker Drones (for the Networked markerlights)

in my 1850 pt tourney army.

I've never used the rail rifle in a game, so I can't attest to their effectiveness in practice, but I think a few here and there would add a bit of punch. Can't wait to try them out.

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Default Re: Where should I take my rail rifles?

They're.... slightly above average.

Basically 3 rail rifles give you a slightly weaker, pinning version of the ion cannon with a little over half the range. But they're quite static and really only useful against MEQ's.

A really NASTY little trick I've found though with 2 or 3 teams is this:

If all 3 teams have LoS and range to a handful of enemy squads, have each drone in a team fire at a different squad. Use the markerlight hit to drop their leadership.

Why? Because each wound comming from a DIFFERENT team forces a pinning check.
3 teams firing at 3 different squads means multiple pinning checks.

Combining this with vehicle gundrones is pretty much the only way I've found to get a relatively decent amount of successful pinnings. We just may be the masters of the pinning check.
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Default Re: Where should I take my rail rifles?

Sniper drones, of course. You need all the markerlights you can get, so you'll probably have a single squad of maxed out pathfinders all armed with carbine & light. Pathfinders are expensive! each squad needs a mandatory devilfish (80pts, the cost of a sniper squad), and in games up to 1500 you just don't have the points to throw away on two fish for pathfinders.

Also sniper drones can benefit from the networked markerlight already included with the spotter (which fires the light at BS4 i might add), so you don't have to spend additional points painting their targets.
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Default Re: Where should I take my rail rifles?

The only rail rifles in my entire Tau army are the two pathfinders I bought in a blister and painted. Even then, I only take pathfinders really for the markerlights.

RRs aren't worth it in my opinion- they only cause pinning.... and Gun drones do this with much more efficiency (shorter range, but all guns are twinlinked).

if I take them, I use them against large targets (Carnefex, Tyrranid warriors, vehicles), but Sniper Teams take up a heavy support slot (better used for hammerheads) and Pathfinders means one less markerlight.
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Default Re: Where should I take my rail rifles?

Definatly the snipers, but either choice is only really useful in a static or hybrid army.
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Default Re: Where should I take my rail rifles?

Sniper drones:

They cost 80 points for a unit with 3bs...

The weapon is ok...6 str. and 3ap...plus it pinning

but i would stil take pathfinder


same bs(3) same number of guys with rifles(3)

but pathfinder also has 1-5 more guys with pulse carbines and

markerlights in their squad... plus the fire support of a devilfish

the problem with pathfinders though...is that 1 squad costs as much as 2

sniper drone squads... so unless you take 2 or 3 squads(the only way

sniper drones are really useful, or so I hear), sniper drones are the

cheaper option.

The verdict: I choose Pathfinders for their higher mobility(dfish)

Hope this helped,

Trogador :rockon:

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Default Re: Where should I take my rail rifles?

I would say take them in the Sniper Drones, cheaper, and you get more.
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