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Directions for TAU expansion
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Default Directions for TAU expansion

Why does the Tau empire seem to be poking the giant in that it is expanding into the Imperium, why not expand in different directions?

Is there something that I have missed that makes them need to expand in that directions or is it just expediance in that they are taking over already industrialised territory?

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Default Re: Directions for TAU expansion

Aren't they on the edge of the Eastern Fringe of the Galaxy or something to that effect? In which case there is really nothing out there (quite literally) in the other directions, aside from towards the Imperium which surrounds them.

To visualise this, have a look at the Warhammer 40k Starmap seen here: http://www.joachim-adomeit.de/wh40k/ (though it's 1.53mb!) - The Tau Empire is more or less surrounded by Imperium controlled space, and sandwiched between Ork and Tyranid forces...
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Default Re: Directions for TAU expansion

Awesome map. .thanks

I see.. hmmm.. kinda stuck...
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Default Re: Directions for TAU expansion

Also consider that the Imperium is too fragmented and surruounded by far more viscious enemies to prove an enourmous treat to the Tau. Look at what happened in the Damoucles (not shure of spelling) gulf crusade when the Tau actually started fighting back.

Another thing to note is the support they get from the imperial population on planets around them; the Tau offer a life of peace, prosperity and understanding, the Imperium offer fear, war and enourmous taxation in both human and financial terms. This is one of the reasons the Imperium refuses to negotiate with the Tau, for fear that the people may decide life might be greener on the other side of the fence.

these are just a few considerations in the Tau's expansion into imperial controlled space, not to mention the fact that they beleive their destiny makes them unstoppable.
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