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[BatRep]: Tau vs. Space Marine Blood Ravens - City Fight - 1000 points
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Default [BatRep]: Tau vs. Space Marine Blood Ravens - City Fight - 1000 points

Last night saw my small 1000 point Mechanized Tau Force face off against a 1000 point Blood Raven Space Marine Force. The Scenario was High Ground from Cities of Death at the Omega Level. This was my first experience with the Cities of Death Expansion and my first game 40K game in 1.5 years so I was a little concerned going into this fight, but the awesome advice and information I have gleaned from these boards proved very useful.

My Force:
'El - Fireknife + TA
XV8 - Sunforge w/ SG
XV8 - Deathrain w/ TA
XV25 x 6
Fire Warriors x12 + Devilfish w/ MT, DL
Fire Warriors x12 + Devilfish w/ MT, DL
Railhead w/ Burst Cannons, MT, DC, TL, DP (which was pointless I decided)
Strategems: Demolition Charges(Central Objective Building), Razor Wire Obstructions, Prelim Bombardment

My Opponent's Force:
Commander - Terminator Armor
Master Librarian - Term. Armor, Fear of the Dark, Smite (I think)
Tac Squad x 6 - H. Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun
Tac Squad x 5 - Lascannon, Plasma Gun
Assault Squad x 9 - Vet Sgt., Three Plasma Pistols
3 Marine Bikes + 1 Attack Bike w/ Multi Melta
Strategems: Infiltrate, Combat Engineer, Prelim Bombardment

We played the High Ground scenario based on a random roll and we choose to play at Omega Level. I set up in the SE corner and he to the NW corner. I used my strategems to set Demo Charges in the central objective building to touch off on turn 4. I then placed 5 pieces of razor wire blocking several roads to try and slow my opponents a touch. For set up I put everything in cover or behind buildings in the vehicles cases. I set up one XV8 (Deathrain) on my northern border of my deployment zone and one (Sunforge) towards western border to keep decent LoS against infiltrators. Everything else was pretty central. My opponents set his lascannon up in a tall building towards the forward of his deployment zone to watch the central building. His assult were tucked behind a building corner (but not too well much to my approval). His bikes were out of sight and his HQs hung out in a building in the Northern end of the board.

We then resolved my opponent's prelim bombardment first. He killed my Shas'El with six wounds and I tanked my saves big time. He also stunned one Devilfish and destroyed 2 pieces of razor wire. My prelim bombardment struck nothing, obviously my pilots above were feeling off.

I took turn 1 and set everything into motion to evade those penetrating hits from the Plasma Weapons and Lascannon. My first Devilfish moved down one street towards the central building and stayed out of LoS of the big guns. My Stealths and Deathrain moved north and west to approach the building. My Sunforge moved towards the central building to do a little JSJing in the next turns. My Railhead came around a building and found LoS to half the Assault Squad behind part of a building. They were packed so closely together that my Submunition blast hit all nine marines, I wounded 7 of them and 5 failed their saves, but they did make their morale save. My opponents moved his Bikes forward in a speed move to gain the 4+ invul save. His Assault Marines moved forward as well. His two tac squads took shots at the Railhead, but failed to injury it at all.

Turn 2 I moved my behind Devilfish forward and my lead Devilfish hopped to a new street anticipating a move forward by the bikes, one tac squad and the assault marines. The drones of the lead Devilfish detached at the beginning of its move and took a position to hit the assault marines, hitting two (no deaths), and forcing a pinning check which he failed. My hammerhead moved a touch and took aim at the Lascannon Squad on the building the submunition hit nailed all 5 and 2 failed their saves, but passed morale (no surprise there). My Sunforge popped up and took a shot at the Bikes for giggles and missed wildly and then jumped back. The Deathrain managed to find a LoS to the captain who had no squads nearby so he took a couple of shots at him and actually put a wound on him despite his terminator armor. My Stealths bidded their time in cover and waited for their call to act. My opponent moved his bikes around the central building and found a LoS to my Sunforge which did not surprise me, but he passed up a shot at the Hammerhead and Devilfish with the Multi-Melta to take a shot at the Sunforge so I did not complain. The Sunforge was decimated with massed bolter fire form the bikes. His assault squad took a smoke break from being pinned. His Lascannon hit the Railhead to no effect a second time. The plasma weapons pattered off the Devilfish who had his nose out a little too much (did not get him back enough).

Turn Three I gave ground and formed a killing field around the bikes. I unloaded one devilfish worth of Fire Warriors at rapid fire range, brough up the Stealth and Deathrain tore into the bikes which fell to the combined fire. The railhead moved 7" (I moved between building to shield his LoS from the Plasmas) and took a shot at the Lascannon again, but missed. My jump pack troops moved back to give ground and get out of LoS from the Plasma Guns and H. Plasma Gun. My opponent moved the Assault Marines up and used his plasma pistol to ignite three stealth suits, then was started to notice that I removed the three closest so he lacked an assault target within 6". The Lascannon struck true this time and pealed the Railgun off the Railhead. The plasma bounced off the Hammerhead. His Librarian moved out to try and scare my troops away from the central building to force a draw and try and keep me pinned down with his Lascannon and Plasma guns.

Turn Four I loaded up my fire warriors and moved to a safe location out of Lascannon sight. The building lit up from the demo charges and became dangerous ground. The Hammerhead got crazy with his burst cannons and moved into the killing field to goad the heavy weapons into shooting him over any devilfish. His burst cannons struck down an assult marine he had LoS too. The stranded assault marines received the deathrain, 3 stealthsuits (who passed their morale) and the second devilfish's firewarriors' rapid fire and were no more. My opponent move his Librarian up and used fear of darkness to try and scare my pair of drones (from the first devilfish) away to no avail (they kept making their morale, go figure). His plasma shook my hammerhead who could not then fire next turn and his lascannon also shook my hammerhead.

Turn Five I moved my second devilfish up to the building to try and rush my fire warriors into the building to try and hold it for the game. My Deathrain and Stealths moved about finding no LoS to targets. My first Devilfish also moved close to the building, but was far enough that I remained in the fish for safety since I was in LoS from the Plasma Cannon now. My opponent shot the first devilfish still loaded and downed it with the plasma cannon. Three Fire Warriors lost their lives in the wreck and the rest were entangled and effectively out of the game since we could only play to six turns since the store was closing soon. He moved the Librarian to the edge of the building fearing the dangerous ground test and used fear of darkness on the fire warriors preparing to rush inside the building (whom I should have left in the fish, but I got excited). Thankfully I made my morale save.

Turn Six, final turn I move into the central objective and now dangerous building with no casualties. He unloads everything at those Fire Warriors to try and reduce them below scoring strength but they find cover well and they remain with no casualties. He pulls out Fear of the Darkness again and I miraculously make my morale check again. He then chooses to assault with the Librarian in hope of dropping enough Tau to force another morale check in the assault phase, but as luck would have it he failed his Dangerous Ground check and that ends the game.

Victory to the Greater Good this day.
"There is nothing in this world so exhilarating as to be shot at without result." -Winston Churchill
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Default Re: [BatRep]: Tau vs. Space Marine Blood Ravens - City Fight - 1000 points

Good going!

surviving multiple fear of darkness w/o fail is amazing good fortune, you sure you don't have a psyker somwhere in the back field jinxing the dice ?

How cramped did it feel in city of death? I haven't had a chance yet. Does our skimmer get around the problem mostly?

he chose infiltrate, did he have any troops that actually infiltrate?

Also, did you remember to force save on the heavy weapons guy when you've wounded everybody with one salvo? or was the force made, and then passed?

Did the Razor Wire help?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: [BatRep]: Tau vs. Space Marine Blood Ravens - City Fight - 1000 points

I credited my success on those Fear of Darkness saves to low dice rolling that also haunted me during a few shooting phases, but as I have been told, the dice always average out on the table, not necessarily your side.

At 1000 points I did not feel too cramped, but I could see myself feeling that way at 1500 and 1850. Too many vehicles would be crowding the streets and such. Being a skimmer helped immensely with mobility and getting to positions between buildings and such. I tended to stay low (no hoving over buildings) to avoid that Lascannon and Heavy Plasma Gun whenever possible.

My opponent infiltrated the tac squad (perhaps veterans) with the Plasma Gun and Heavy Plasma cannon into the SW corner of the board in a low building with a large base to cover that portion of the table with his fire. I apoligize that I do not know the Chapter Traits he took on this force.

Good point on the saving throws, I completely forgot about that rule. Unfortunately it would have only come up once, but I still should have remembered.

The City Fight scenarios do make me consider adding Kroot in if I know that kind of battle is coming. They would be nice as a close combat counter attack or something to at least hold an objective building better than Fire Warriors would such as in the High Ground Scenario I played.

"There is nothing in this world so exhilarating as to be shot at without result." -Winston Churchill
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Default Re: [BatRep]: Tau vs. Space Marine Blood Ravens - City Fight - 1000 points

Well done, good going there, good well written report aswell.
Dark Eldar Wins: 20 Draws: 1 Loses: 0
Tau Wins: 11 Draws: 0 Loses: 0

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