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Tips for a new Tau Player Poll
View Poll Results: What kind of tau army should I collect?
Fire Warriors 4 14.29%
Crisis Suits 2 7.14%
Tanks 8 28.57%
Kroot 0 0%
A mixture 14 50.00%
Voters: 28. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11 Dec 2004, 22:55   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

I am not sure what kind of Tau army to collect, as they are a new challenge for me...so help me out and give your opinion!!! To clear some questions up, I'm looking to collect a 1500pt army that will easilly kill Space Marines.
Here's a explanation to the polls:
* * * * * Fire Warrior Army: Lots and LOTS of Warriors, complete with Etheral.
* * * * * Crisis Suit Army: 3 3-man Crisis suits with a mixture of weapons, followed by Broadsides.
* * * * * Tank Army: Fire Warriors in a Devilfish, followed by Hammerheads and Pathfinders.
* * * * * Kroots: Lots of Kroot Warriors, along with their upgrades and some Firewarriors
* * * * * A Mixed Army: A equally balanced army with everything aboved
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Default Re: Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

As i am totally in favour of the mobile fire power/ mechanised tau armies i have voted for the Tank Army option.

This list makes it hard to get the kind of victory where you totally wipe out the enemy with very few losses as the fire warrior armies achieve about 50 % of the time, the major downside bieng that with this army if the enemy do get enough into combat they will normally achieve the massacre. I find armies like this to be very unfilfilling to play as it's just pretty much a coin toss.

The mechanised force on the other hand provides a very fluffy way of gaming, you won't cause all that much damage to the enemy but also will recieve very little in return if you use them well. This provides you with a lot of victories by a relatively few amount of points once you master it but untill that point you will find it hard to win with. So they do provide an interesting challenge. Also this way of playing, where you minimise casualties, is very fluffy for the tau and suits them perfectly.

If you are keen on a kroot based army then i'd rather go for the stand alone kroot merc force as this provides you with far more kroot options.

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Default Re: Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

I'm no expert on the tactics of the different varieties, but I voted for the mixed army, especially if you're wanting to kill some space marines. Masses of fire warriors are handy, but a mix of suits and tanks are better for beating them. Plasma-armed XV8s and the bouncing burst cannons of XV15s are good for taking out heavy infantry, as is the Hammerhead's ion cannon. A squad of broadsides for backup can take out any tanks they send fairly easily... The Kroot are nice if you have cover available, and a good sized squad can do pretty well against SM's. Basically, you can lean more to one strategy or another with the mixed army, but you still have the versatility to change tactics if you need to.
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Default Re: Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

I voted for a mixture, because you really do need a range of units and the versitility of a mixed army.. especially against marines.. Each part has its advantages.. Ill list them below along with what you'd need..

Firewarriors: You need a fair amount of these anyway, the sheer number of pulse rifle shots will take down a lot of marines..
Crisis Suits: You also need a lot of these.. probably with fireknife config (plasma + missiles + multitracker) to take down marines.. Broadsides to take down transports..
Tanks: Marines are fair mobile, you need to be as well, you'll need devilfishes to take objectives etc.. and also hammerheads with Ion Cannons kill marines.. more so then railguns..
Kroot: Most of the time.. your bound to get into combat.. This is where the kroot come in.. let them get charged, or even better, charge them into combat, keeping in mind each [7 point] model gets 3 attacks on the charge.. and say you have a full squad of 20 [140 points for the squad], thats 60 attacks.. bye bye assault marine squad..

All the parts have their advantages, and using them all in unison.. will probably increase your chances of winning over using one dedicated type of army..

Oh yeah, be sure to read the stickied threads on this board for more detailed information on specific units and what to do against other armies, as well as help on starting a tau army..
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Default Re: Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

Realisticly i would go for a mixture of tanks and battlesuits (battlesuits not necesarily just crisis) as this should leave you with enough core troops to hassle SM sqauds whilst giving you many battlesuits which will inevitably hassle SM even more, especially if all the crisis and broadsides have plasma rifles...
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Default Re: Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

Ultimately, we cannot answer such questions.

We can say what we would use, but then that doesn't mean that you should. Everyone plays differently, and it is up to you to find what works for you.
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Default Re: Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

Space marines shoudln't be scary to you necause of their 3+ save, it should be because every single one can beat up tau in close combat. With their superior statistics you always want to stay at arms length from them. Fortunatly their transports may cost nothing but railguns treat them like paper, always inflicting a penetrating hit if they hit. But the key is to stay mobile and to stay away from charge range because thats what they'll do if they get near you. If you keep warriros safe inside fishes then not only can boltguns not hurt them....but to fire heavy weapons inside the squad of tactical marines, the WHOLE squad has to be stationary...and ultimately you want to do everything you can to just simply stop those marines moving 6" closer to you every turn. Battlesuits (crisis in particular) are great against marines if armed with plasma rifles...but make use of the 6" assault phase mkove to get back into cover. Usually the marine player will only have a few dedicated anti-tank squads/weapons, although it may sound a little mad you should take these out first, e.g devastator squad, attack bike with multi-melta, predator with 3 las cannons. You can probably nullify all of this in 1/2 turns before the marines get to your lines...then you simply pact up your fire warriros in their fishes and travel 12" up to a detatched squad of marines...deploy behind the fish but still 12" away and unleash 24 rapid fire strg 5 shots. Pick off squads that become detatched so your fire warriors will protect themselves from combat by their own shooting.
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Default Re: Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

Some people are asking me why I'm doing this, and that i have to decide...well, the answer is that i've played with very meny armies and i want to know what the most valuable mixture of units.
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Default Re: Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

A balanced mixture ofcourse. I would suggest one unit of kroot with krootox, hounds, and shaper for when you need jungle and street fighters. I would say to have a devilfish for every firewarrior squad. Drones at least 1 squad of drones they always come in handy one way or another. One team of crisis suits and a command suite with or without bodyguards. 1 full squad of stealths for when needed. I dunno bout pathfinders but they cant hurt. A couple of broadsides and at least one hammerhead.

Tau strength is in mobility and its guns. Kroot are perhaps the least mobile squad in the army so I have few of them but they can come in usefull.

You want versatility so you can fight in many myriad battles without trouble.

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Default Re: Tips for a new Tau Player Poll

All I fight is marines anymore, I'll tell you how to kill em. 2 full commanders with bodyguards (mix of plasma and fusion), 2 full crisis suits squards with tl-plasma, 3 broadsides(TL-plasma)- give every suit a shield generator-especially the commanders and broadsides. Next a stealth squad- lots of shooty, 2 hammerheads with Ion cannons/MT/TL, Path finder team with rail rifles. oh ya and the 2 6-man fire warrior team you have to take ( they are good against other armies but not marines). No you have a very mobile group that can dodge marines forever and the vast majority of weapons not even their terminators will get anything but Inv saves. Let the broadsides deal the vehicles, One with a target lock will help here. and the rest kill every marine you can. Use the commanders with the fusion guns to overkill characters. Just remember when fighting marines its all duck and weave- mobility is you're greatest asset.

This is why fire warriors don't do well here- marines catch em and eat em up. The pulse rifle is great but that damned marine and terminator armor is still gonna laugh at the hits.
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