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A noob's question
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Old 13 Jul 2006, 06:32   #1 (permalink)
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Default A noob's question

hey i know this is answered in our awesome forums but i need more elaboration.

So yea the devilfish is it really just hooked on to a squad? i mean i keep reading both tau fire warriors and devilfishes information but i cant find where it said that devilfishes can only accompany one squad.

to conform to other side i found some prove of it, in the very last page but not the back of the book of the army showcase photo right side sez "12x fire warriors" underneath "devilfish"

so im all like **** b/c i really dont like that (but oh well) and previously just thought it was an independent carrier, its own unit.

yea imma noob that needs a picture drawn... anybody be so kind please? much appreciated
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Default Re: A noob's question

Welcome to the Forums!

It's been clarified here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...#msg1057977611 by me, and has come up numerous times since then (unfortunately..).

And, refer to rulebook.

Short Version: The Devilfish is a dedicated transport (meaning it's only useable by one squad) and so follows the rules for dedicated transports as detailed in the rulebook.
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Default Re: A noob's question

yup, dem's da rules, ludicrous tho they may be.
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Default Re: A noob's question

DAMMIT, but many thanks! this helped a whole lot and totally answered my question, much appreciated!

now i gotta rewrite my army list.... and got myself a rulebook so i dont look so stupid next time :/
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