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More tactics on Cities of Death fight for Tau?
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Default More tactics on Cities of Death fight for Tau?

yeah at my local game shop every one is playing city of death a lot more and to be honest i think it got alot hard for tau to win when lot of assault army can hug cover all the time it make it hard to kill them i think we need a good article on how play and win city of death with tau and how it make most army we can beat down it bit harder
Tau wins 38 tie 2 lost 8

Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

dark eldar wins 5 tie 0 lost 1
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Default Re: More tactics on Cities of Death fight for Tau?

I think that one of the things that should be mandatory for a CoD army is the Smart Missile System. You don't need line of sight, has a good range, and has a decent AP... what's not to like.

Also for CoD... the AFP should be almost mandatory.
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Default Re: More tactics on Cities of Death fight for Tau?

So far I have 6 wins and 2 draw in CoD with my Tau. (3 more wins, but I told my opponent that the game result wouldnt be counted towards the campain)

But then again, my army is very different from the standard Tau army.
For one, my fire warriros dont use Pulse rifles. I use Pulse carbines.
Since I move alot in normal 40k, this works even better in CoD.
I can avoid close combat if needed, and since I have so much carbines and other pinning weapons in my army, there is allways some failed pinning tests.

I love CoD, since it gives Orks a bigger chance to win. Orks are pretty much broken atm imo.

All in all, yes CoD makes close combat armies "better". But remember you can by stratagems to stop your enemy. Booby traps, barbed wire, etc etc.

So far I have no loss vs nids (3 games).

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Default Re: More tactics on Cities of Death fight for Tau?

use the plunging fire stratigem. It causes -1 to cover saves on any target on a lower level than the firer, within 18. use that along with something like razorwire to counter assalt teams. OR use rappell lines to drop teams on top of buildings.
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Default Re: More tactics on Cities of Death fight for Tau?

1. I imagine the ammo dump strategem to at least be relatively valuable for a Tau player.

2. AFP is mandatory.

3. Mount crisis suits with TL flamers and shield gen. Cheap, survivable, ignores cover. The reroll wound will make up for the S4 weapon. Also, JSJ at close range is still JSJ, don't worry about the 8" template. Remember that with JSJ your effective range is 14"!

4. Mount all fire warriors in 'fish. better yet, add rappelling lines (with plunging fire of course). Personally I wouldn't sacrifice 12 S5AP5 shots just for an unreliable pinning effect, though.

5. SMS i don't see as more useful since the only places you could get them from are broadsides (utterly useless in CoD) and warfish (which makes your transports more expensive, which to me is a bad thing). well, and also the FW XV81 suit, but that's neither here nor there...

Does anyone have any experience using pathfinders in CoD?
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Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
Anyways, just because we have already had someone who called it:
Originally Posted by RealMenUseCarbines
Heh, thought he'd know by now...watch this turn into another relationship advice thread.
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Default Re: More tactics on Cities of Death fight for Tau?

I've actually found the Medicae Facility to be fairly handy, I chose it over the Fortifications one. Statistically it's better in most cases, and is more or less similar in effect to twin-linking armour saves for your units, against light fire. Don't expect to keep your Crisis Suits though, against Krak Missiles and Las Cannons in smaller games where you're fairly dependent on terrain... however the W-S-J move usually works (Walk through area terrain, shoot, jump back out of it. All you need to take is a difficult terrain test, and by the end you're on the other side of Area Terrain and can't be shot. Winner.).

Anything that doesn't require LOS, namely AFP and Smart Missile Systems, are great in this densely packed environment. Conversely, Vindicator shells hurt Tau lots. So making use of cover is a good idea, though you can expect your opponent to do the same.

AP isn't as important here, generally models will get a cover save - so it's best to have quantity over quality, but perhaps with a few low AP weapons in case you catch any out in the open. Flamer weapons and anything that ignores or reduces cover saves (Markerlights and Plunging Fire Strategem!) are also helpful.

Though, this is all in theory, I've only played a few small games with the Cities of Death Ruleset. Preliminary Bombardment is a nasty one
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Default Re: More tactics on Cities of Death fight for Tau?

Originally Posted by RealMenUseCarbines
Does anyone have any experience using pathfinders in CoD?
I used them, just a squad of 4 with M-lights Vs orks, I positioned them at the end of a major street (with his big squad of slugga boys at the other end) I think that their guiding helped my steath suits kill about 5 extra models in the time it took them to charge, when they reached my lines they ignored the pathfinders and continued after the stealth team alowing the pathfinders to finish them off.

so basicly yes they can be useful, especially if the enemy does not see them as a threat.
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