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Tau Forgeworld users?
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Default Tau Forgeworld users?


I've seen several posts about specific forgeworld pieces on this site...but I am wondering how many players here consistantly use FW units in thier army?

I generally try to swap out different units for variety when I play (my choices are based more on what I've used recently than what will win the battle vs. XXX enemy) and I've recently started to incorperate FW into my lists...so far having some decent results with the Heavy gun drones and the XV-81 (Smart Missle System Commander). I'm planning on assembling my Drone Turrents and Tetras soon to get them into the rotation. What do you guys use from forgeworld?
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld users?

Just an XV-89. And I just count it as a regular crisis because It looks so much better than the normal suits
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld users?

I have 2 XV-84s that regularly use (not at the same time). It's VERY nice to have a BS 5 markerlight on an IC model.

I am getting two Tetras, the fusion cannon & missile pod Hammerhead turrets, and one each of the 3 other command suits.
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld users?

not yet, but as i'm redoing my suits in my tau army (because my old ones are not up to scratch), forgeworld came to mind.

i've ordered 6 xv89s, 2 FW broadsides, and im gonna get 2 shas'o r'myrs and convert them into my 2 shas'els...
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld users?

I use 6 Heavy Gun Drones (2w/makerlights),* Vehicle upgrades, Shas'o r'ymr, Kroot Knarloc riders, and a full BFG Fleet.* Every thing but the Gun Drones and some of my BFG Fleet* are WIP.

I love using my heavy Gun drones, I've used them in roughly, 20 games.* They are like haveing TL Stealthsuits, minus the stealth and stats. Lots of expendable firepower that can jump around and tie up units in assault to give my Fire warriors* or Broadsides time to redeploy if need be.* I'm finding that the Markerlights on the heavy gun drones are a waste of time now,* but if its ok w/ the other palyer I use them as basic marker drones till I get the new guys.* OW
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld users?

Most people usually has one of their command suits, since they rock compared to the GW ones.

I also have a Baracuda. They're extrememly fragile (in games terms) and it's been constantly shot down. (Still haven't made up my pionts worth yet).
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld users?

Sadly I have not the funds to buy anything FW.

I WAS considering buying some of the alternate hammerhead turrets however, but that would require the ImpArmor book. One question: are the turrets just as interchangeable as they are on "stock" hammerheads? Or do we need to glue on that stupid little door/hatch to the top?

If anything I'll either buy epic stuff or Gothic, since I may aquire the gothic starter set in the near future and I want to get my hands on the nifty Tau starships.
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld users?

I use a XV-89 for my Shas'Os ride and I have a Missile pod turret for my Hammerhead tank.
A friend of mine who just got in to Tau bought 3 FW Broadsides , and let me tell you they are sweeeet!
Originally Posted by Norsehound
One question: are the turrets just as interchangeable as they are on "stock" hammerheads? Or do we need to glue on that stupid little door/hatch to the top?
Yes they need that little hatch part , and they are not well balanced ( at least the Missile Pod one isn't).
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld users?

I've always wanted a FW suit but I've never been able to logically balance between the $50 CDN for the suit and a shiny new xbox game (or two shiny used xbox games). So one day I got drunk purposefully and in my stupor ordered an XV81. Love the model.

Best thing about the XV81 is that if you want you can ditch the SMS and stick twin-linked weapons on those back/shoulder mounts, just to look awesome. TL burst cannons look freakin' sweet.

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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld users?

I use a XV89 for my commander, just a different model under the normal Codex rules. A very awesome model at that Most of the other Crisis Suits and Broadsides for that matter can easily fit into the normal rules, instead of having to use the Forgeworld rules.

I intend on getting some more Battlesuits from Forgeworld, and perhaps some tank upgrades, and a Piranha TX-42 or two.
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