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Piranha TX-42
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Old 11 Jul 2006, 22:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default Piranha TX-42

With the posts for piranha info and tactica, I figured that I'd tell those who aren't in-the-know about the FW piranhas a bit about 'em. To start off, they are sweet, IMO. For 80 points, you get a piranha with +1 side armor, targeting array, and TL fusions, all standard. PLUS, the fusions can be upgraded to plasmas(+12 pts), missile pods(free), or rail rifles (+10) (all TL)! They would let you use your piranhas as a TL BS4 tank hunter, anti-heavy inf, light vehicle, etc... field them in teams of 3, and you are pretty much guaranteed one dead heavy vehicle per turn ( assuming that you take the fusions, and being TL BS4, you have a very high probability to hit, and X3, you have 3 S8 AP1 shots for them to deal with.) I'm planning on grabbing a conversion kit for one once I finish up the rest of my army.
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Default Re: Piranha TX-42

Looks very good

But are you allowed to use these in tournaments ?
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Default Re: Piranha TX-42

I would assume so, as GW has published rules for them on the FW site ( although they are only deemed "experimental"), I hope you are, at least...
"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a well-constructed sentence is worth a thousand pictures" -Use spell check, it's there for a reason.

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Default Re: Piranha TX-42

I'm afraid that is incorrect. FW makes their own rules. Not GW. GW only sells the rules after they are published and playtested. (You can email FW your play-tested results.)

A TX-42 is very nice. However, as much as I want to pick up a squadron of 3, my wallet doesn't really allow it.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Piranha TX-42

FW stuff is generaly overpiced both ways. All that model is is an off the record f**k you to games workshop for releasing their piranah and using the FW model.
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Default Re: Piranha TX-42

All your opponent has to do is say, I dont like that, its not approved and you aren't using it. I am still sore over the fact that all of the new crisis suits, the tetra's and the heavy gun drones didnt make it into the new codex. The only thing I would even consider of buying would be the Manta, but that would only be for my ego.
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Default Re: Piranha TX-42

Ive know about this butt kicker for a while now and i have already try ed the rules in battle, a fast moving craft with missile pods KICKS 40K BUTT!
these rules should be put in the codex! even thought the other rules are good, these new rules are the tau equivalent of a S.M land speeder! :rockon:
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Default Re: Piranha TX-42

that thing is way buff if you can give it MP dam that nasty it eat all light tanks up or heavy from the rear
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Default Re: Piranha TX-42

It's great, but I doubt your opponent would ever allow it.
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Default Re: Piranha TX-42

I find it funny that as soon as the vanilla Pirhana hits the shelves worldwide, FW makes ANOTHER pirahna variant to slip in it's place- complete with RRs as wingtip additions, plus funky wraparound pannels that convince the Firewarriors inside into thinking it's an 'enclosed' vehicle. Would have been much better with a complete canopy.

Sadly though, of the two great evils of the (40K) universe (GW and FW), only Forgeworld knows how to model scenes correctly. And for that reason, being eliteist, they charge high prices for their better quality models. Unfortunately they are the mirror reflection of GW in this respect- since they know how to do kickass modeling but apparently have no sense of rules or gameplay balance.

At least I blew up a T-hawk and Titan from the same spoiled player with one broadside apeice.
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