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Ideas for Shas'el equipment, anyone?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Ideas for Shas'el equipment, anyone?

Allright I'm a noob (a real noob, started playing today.) and I was wondering what weapon, besides the Plasma Rifle that I gave him would be best to make him a good all-rounder. I've also given him the multi-tracker, maybe any more suggestions? Would the Cyclic Ion Blaster be a good choice? Help would be welcome, as I find the dazzling array of weapons XV8's can take cool, but somewhat... dazzling

Thnx in advance

I like fusion blasters...
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Default Re: Idea's for Shas`El equipment, anyone?

Welcome to the forums!

Most people like the Aurora config: Shas'el w/ Plasma Rifle (PR) + Cylinic Ion Blaster (CIB) + Targeting Array (TA) + Hardwired Multi-tracker (HW MT)

That comes to a grand total of 100 pionts.

The Aurora config is an excellent allrounder. It pumps out 7 shots, 5 which are rending and 2 are high strength and anti-2+ save.

Hope it helps!
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Idea's for Shas`El equipment, anyone?


Let me start by saying welcome to the forum and the Tau.

The CIB is a good weapon, but I would start out by using the missile pod on the shas'el. There are a number of units that can advance 24" (ie. reach your shas'el after he has moved back after firing the CIB). After seeing how far you can advance without risking assault (only battle experience can give you this) then consider the CIB as it doesn't suit all play styles.

I would also advise adding a targeting array and making the multi-tracker hard-wired. A shas'el with plasma, missile, targeting array and hard wired multi-tracker (at 97 pts) is a very efficient commander. Use him on his own so he can use his independent character status to avoid return fire and/or use terrain to use Jump-Shoot-Jump tactics.

There are a number of factors I would consider before changing the missile pod to a CIB. You mustn't give you army a weakness against light vehicles (such as landspeeders or transports), so first make sure you have enough missile pods, ion cannons and/or seeker missiles to cover light vehicle killing in your army.

Against the common MEQ opponent (ie. T4 with 3+ save) the CIB has to be firing 3 turns to be as effective as the missile pod firing for 6 turns.

So if you don't mind losing the light vehicle killing, and don't mind having to operate closer to the enemy, and are confident that you can be in range to fire the CIB 4 or more turns a game it's a good buy. Saying that I do use the CIB myself. I'd recommend trying it out after you got a few games under your belt with the missile pod.

Good luck


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Default Re: Idea's for Shas`El equipment, anyone?

Although I've never really believed in it due to the randomness the CIB/plasma combo is a very nice all-round anti infantry configuration. It has the potential (especially with a good CIB wound roll) to down marines in greater numbers than even a Helios suit and has a good enough rate of fire to bring down stuff like gaunts.

I personally use a missile pod instead of the CIB, but its just my personal preference (Like I said, I dont like the randomness and I'm paranoid about vehicles)
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Default Re: Idea's for Shas`El equipment, anyone?

I've personally used the Plasma/CIB config on my 'O since game two (game one I learned how bad an AFB was against termies ), and I've never looked back. The CIB can also be used against light vehicles if you absolutely have to. Just find a way at their rear armor (not always as easy as it sounds). Hope this helps.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Ideas for Shas'el equipment, anyone?

I like the idea of fusion blaster+missile pod+target lock+ hardwired multitracker... I find this good for all purpose... missile pod for infantry and light vechiles... fusion blaster for heavier vechiles and stuff like termies.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Ideas for Shas'el equipment, anyone?

My humble thanks! These are usefull tips indeed.
I think I'll go for the Aurora battlesuit, because I really like the look of the CIB.
So that's a Shas`el with:

Plasma Rifle
Cyclic Ion Blaster
Targetting Array
Hard-wired Multi-tracker

Thanks you really helped out!

I like fusion blasters...
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Default Re: Ideas for Shas'el equipment, anyone?

Err Just as a note the Cyclic Ion Blaster is NOT have rending, take a look in your codex
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