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Assault Shas'o
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Default Assault Shas'o

Hi all,
I play against nids a fair bit and have been thinking of ways to combat big squads of gaunts and hormagaunts etc, so I can save my 'big guns' for carnifexes and assorted other big gribblies.

Has anyone ever tried a shas'o with an airbusting fragement thingy (forget the name) and a cyclic ion blaster? Thats a big template followed by five shots on whatever survives and an optional assault, if theres not many left.
Should kill the little things en-masse quite easily.

Im thinking this would be very useful in city fight, as those damn hormagaunts get close to your lines very quickly.

It could even damage warriors, I guess.

Also, what do others use for taking out carnifexes and hive tyrants etc. My opponent loves carnifexes (almost too much) and takes at least two in every battle with the toughness and armour upgrades.

They tend to take a LOT of firepower to down and I end up having to ignore the smaller beasties. I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of killing them off.

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Assault Shas'o

sniper drone teams, in my opinion come into their own against monstrous creatures.

Look at it this way.

I take a railhead. Its one shot a turn. Merely one wound. Not very efficient.
I take a broadside. More efficient, but still quite expensive. its 75pts for a 50% odd chance of a wound. take 9 of these? watch the points rack up...
try an ionhead? Versatile, and good for hurting monstrous creatures. but you lose out on the railgun. Its a good enough choice, but really, one ion cannon is more than enough.

Failing that, you've got suits and pirahnas with plasmas and fusions as your reliable anti-monstrous creature. I find them... unreliable. combine the low BS with a 50% chance of a wound, and the low number of shots. add to that the fact you have to get in close into assault range, in all probability, and its a bad idea.

Sniper drones teams. 240pts. I get 9 rail rifle shots, usually at bs4. one heavy slot. I can still load up on a brace of broadsides, and an ionhead. and they have the volume of shots, the strength and the AP to bring down at meast one carnifex on their own per turn. combine it with other eloements of your list, and you have a very good force to take out monstrous creatures.
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Default Re: Assault Shas'o


Against the small nids a burst cannon (for nearly half the cost) is more effective becuase it wounds on 2's and ignores their armour.

Also you shouldn't put the AFB on a shas'o as it wastes his BS 5. Put the AFB on a shas'vre, then add a twin-linked burst cannon and hard wire the multi-tracker.

A good shas'o against big nids would be plasma,CIB & multi-tracker, but I would just use a shas'el with a targeting array and hardwire the multi-tracker. The CIB is good against big nids because every wound ignores their armour. If you don't mind getting very close you could use fusion instead of the CIB.

What's in the rest of your list ? Apart from nidzilla lists Tau should do ok, because they have fire warriors, kroot, stealths & railgun subminutions that can help kill the little bugs, while also having railguns & plasma. Ion cannons also make short work of any nids without a 2+ save (most people go for the extra wound or toughness on carnifexs).

Sniper drones are good at killing nids without a 2+ save, but they are immobile, and very easy to kill for the little nids. If you're going to use sniper teams you must ensure you can easily kill the little nids before they get to the teams. I'd advise 2 hammerheads with railgun and burst cannons, plus an AFB shas'vre to get this done.

Nids are normally not scared of immobile firepower because they are very fast, but mobile firepower such as hammerheads, stealths and crisis suits give them real problems.



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Default Re: Assault Shas'o

What of the utility of flamers?

One Anti-nid suit Idea I had was a Flamer, a CiB, Vectored Thrusters, and a multitracker hardwired. That way, could pump a squad with fire, Ion blasts, and then retreat from combat if you get assaulted. Granted, this won't work in most situations, but how does that setup sound?
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Default Re: Assault Shas'o

Originally Posted by Deadnight
Sniper drones teams. 240pts. I get 9 rail rifle shots, usually at bs4. one heavy slot. I can still load up on a brace of broadsides, and an ionhead. and they have the volume of shots, the strength and the AP to bring down at meast one carnifex on their own per turn. combine it with other eloements of your list, and you have a very good force to take out monstrous creatures.
The problem, unfortunately, lies in the the fact that there are plenty of nid players that take the "Extended Carapace" upgrade, rendering your Rail Rifles nearly useless. They are still pretty good against the 'demi-godzillas' (Warriors, Raveners, etc.).
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Default Re: Assault Shas'o

Give your shaso a failsafe detonator and watch the bugs burn when they take you down >

Originally Posted by Wargamer
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Default Re: Assault Shas'o

Try using an assault shas'o against SM devastator squads. Give him IA and VRT. When was the last time you saw a devastator Sergeant with power weapons?
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Default Re: Assault Shas'o

Some pretty good points here.
I do indeed use a full set of sniper drones as a heavy support choice and they've served me very well. In fact they finished off a carnifex for me in the last game.
My opponent always take the T upgrade, so id need 5+ to wound and he usualy takes the armour upgrade as well. Makes the big beasties very durable, when it comes to taking firepower.

I've only been playing the game for about 5 months and my opponent has been playing for 10+ years. The learning curve has been pretty steep, but im getting up there quite quickly.

Id like to think that I could carve out a section of one of his flanks early on in the game, with a combined shooting and assault. He usually sends a unit of hormagaunts down one flank to see if he can roll the flank. So far ive used kroot and some fire support to stop him rolling one flank. Ive been thinking about a unit for combat now. I take the point that the BS5 on the Shas'o is wasted when using the AFB.

How about this for a squad, Shas'o with CIB, twin-linked burst cannon and HW multi tracker. With a crisis suit with AFB, twin-linked burst cannon and HW multitracker. That should cause a lot of damage and what survives can be assaulted.

Im thinking of taking my next hammerhead with an ion cannon and SMS. That way I can get multiple shots off in one turn for taking out warrior squads and anything else that might be a synapse creature.
It could also damage carnifexex well, as long as they dont have the armour upgrade.
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Default Re: Assault Shas'o

something to bear in mind about 'zillafexes -
cagey 'nid players vary the upgrades.
boost armor save on one and toughness on another.
tau players tend to trick out thier crisis to counter just one.
i avoid this this by mounting FB, MP, and PR,
with HWMT and a coupla shield drones.
that way all your bases are covered.
fusion will guarantee you it least one wound and one of the
other weapons will counter what he's buffed.
of course, there's always the remote circumstance your opponent is a maniac and does what i would do -
buff [glow=red,2,300]EVERYTHING[/glow]slap on scything talons, the body spinefist thingey, a max strength
barbed strangler, extra wounds, that extra whomper on the tail whatzit and [glow=green,2,300]REGENERATE[/glow]!!!
but then again i'm batsh*t insane and most people don't do that.
on the off chance tho, my boy brings a coupla buddies with the same loadout.
you can put every boost under the sun on that fex and he's still gonna die in one turn
as long as i don't screw up my deep strike roll.
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