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Kroot Warrior
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Default Rapidfire

Do tau need more fire power or more armour or more troops?

Why are tau have the best shooting army isn't Eldar suppost to be the best shooting army because they are elves?

Do you think Tau battle suits look like transformers?
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Default Re: Rapidfire


No. Eldar are more mobile.

No. More like Gundams or Heavy Gears.
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Default Re: Rapidfire

I think that they look like the suits from 'Ghost in the Shell' or the movie 'Appleseed.
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Default Re: Rapidfire

No I don't think they look like Transformers.
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Default Re: Rapidfire

1a What are you on? the tau are the best shooting army in the game!!
b No. 4 up is a decent save
c Maybe. something like combat engineers would be cool

2 No, the eldar are more specalised: special troops for range and special troops for CC is doubly so.

3 No. transformers are more blocky
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Default Re: Rapidfire

Originally Posted by drodgers
I think that they look like the suits from 'Ghost in the Shell' or the movie 'Appleseed.

And no Tau aren't the best shooting army in the game. Have a straight shoot out with guard or marines, and you will lose. We just focus firepower so well that it seems we have the best shooting power
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Default Re: Rapidfire

Read the forum rules. These "Do Crisis suits look like Gundam" threads are supposed to be banned.

Anyway to answer the questions:

1)No. Unless you want SMurfs with pulse rifles, don't give them 3+ saves.

2)Wow. That's the worst supporting sentence I have ever heard. "Eldar shoot better because they are elves." Use something better next time.

3) Yes, Ctisis look like Anime robots Gothic style.

Nest time, use the forum search, there are tons of "Crisis looks like GUndam" threads out there.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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