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Starting Tau Army
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Default Starting Tau Army

Hi, I'm just starting Tau and was wondering if you guys could give some ideas of the best units and steatigies.
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Default Re: Starting Tau Army

Well, for starters there are no best units and strategies for tau. It is up to your gamestyle. But it is common sense to always keep the enemy at arm's lenght for the tau.

Guide to keeping:
Scorpions : Corn Snakes : Basilisks

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Default Re: Starting Tau Army

ok, i've seen that some units are generally better at certain things(ex. fire wariors suck at cc), so i think i might be able to pull it togather from that. I know i want the submunission round from the hammerhead and i need some pirannahs but what do you think about the other heavy support and fast attack choices?
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Default Re: Starting Tau Army

Check out the stickies and do a forum search to get the scope of things - there's alot of information floating around.

What you must have for a legal army:
Commander (Crisis Suit)
1 Unit of Fire Warriors
1 other Troops choice

What you want:

With the Crisis and skimmers, you already look like you're leaning towards Mech or Hybrid rather than Static... and one good thing is that with a Shas'El, two units of Fire Warriors (or one and a Kroot squad), a Piranha or two, and a Hammerhead, you're already looking at a solid 1000 Point force!
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Default Re: Starting Tau Army

Thanks, i don't have any of it yet but they look preaty good in the codex. Would you use a skyray or no?
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Default Re: Starting Tau Army

It all depends on your playstyle. I personally wont really use a skyray but thats because my style of play doesnt work well with it. I get far too close too fast for it to be greatly effective it doesnt pack the punch I need to stay up on the front. Instead a skyray is better suited to remain back as a mobile markerlight providing support to the rest of the army with its payload of seekers and laying down supressive fire with its secondary weapon system.

Now first off I would advise you start with a core force. Thats an HQ and two troops. For Tau that means you need a Crisis Suit commander (you dont have to get the commander box a regular suit will due) and a team of Firewarriors. Those are mandatory. In addition you will need one other troop choice, this can be another squad of Firewarriors or a squad of Kroot. The army box is usually a good way to go, it gives you a nice core force to which you should probably add a Heavy Support to move on. You use this core force in a few battles, you see what each unit can and cannot do and you learn about your army. You familiarize yourself with the special rules and capabilities of your force. When you are comfortable with the units you have you can expand your army and from the knowledge you have gained you can more accurately pick units that will work well for you.

For instance I play very agressively so I use a lot of tanks, firewarriors and battlesuits, units that get up close, lay down a lot of fire and withdraw quickly aswell. I dont use more static units like Sniper Drones or Broadsides and dont often use things like Pathfinders or Kroot either. But thats just me. A more hybrid army makes use of static Firewarrior squads sometimes with markerlights and kroot auxilaries and can also include broadsides and sniper teams. As you play with your small core army you will begin to learn more about these different styles and which suits you most. There are 3 main recognized styles of play.

Static: This is where most of your army doesnt move much and uses long range and sheer firepower to bring down the enemy before they can get to you. This style also relies heavily on proper deployment and target priority and will make more heavy use of things like Broadsides, Sniper Drones, un-mounted Firewarrior Teams and Kroot.

Hybrid: This style is a proper balance between mobility and static firepower often making use of a few static elements to lay down covering fire for other mobile elements and is a mix of the mech style and static style taking the strengths of each to cover their weaknesses. This army style makes use of all units in the codex and is generally more balanced.

Mechanized: This style emphasizes speed and mobility over sheer firepower and numbers. Mounted Firewarriors, Battlesuits and Skimmers are the main units of this style. This way of playing relies on using the excelent mobility of the Tau to creat localize its firepower and bring more guns to bear in a specific place. While they may be outnumbered by the enemy this army can bring a higher proportion if its own forces against a smaller group of the enemy, annihilate it and move on. Either by being crafty and reserved or by being agressive and fast this army style moves a lot and usually does not pack in very many numbers but can have a massive number of battlesuits and/or tanks compraed to other styles.

Thats just for starters though and its probably best not to chose your style from the start but find your way first by experimenting. I myself started with a very static force and then moved into a hybrid style of play and finally have an extremely mechanized force. You can grow into the style that best suits you over time and dont have to rush yourself.

So to sum up get a core force, the battleforce is recommended, and play a few games, learn the rules, get them down and understand your force then move on from there.

Now all that said, welcome to the Tau!

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Default Re: Starting Tau Army

Thanks for the comments. I didn't realize all that about the different army types. I think I should be able to at lest get started now. LOL! ;D
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