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New Tau Player: What Do You Think?
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Default New Tau Player: What Do You Think?

Hey guys

I have recently started a Tau army and have just painted my first batch of Fire Warriors.

I need to know what you think of the paint scheme and if you can suggest a suitible name for my army? Perhaps somthing that includes the colours.

Also any fluff ideas or them. Like why they are that colour, what happened to them and so on and so forth.

So, tell me anything you want I want you to tell me how I can improve them and other stuff afore-mentioned.

sorry for the quality of the pictures. Still can't work that damned camera!!

Ok found out how to post pictures but you will have to zoom in cause it is tiny!

[attachment deleted by admin]
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Default Re: New Tau Player: What Do You Think?

you go to the Additional Options part in your post then click browse on the Attach: column, then post it!

but you may need to resize them if they are larger than 70kb
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Default Re: New Tau Player: What Do You Think?

That is a nice paint scheme you have there, although too bad about the camera problems. Anyway, it's often difficult to come up with names for tau because of their foreign feel. Personally, I hail my fire warriors from the Bork'an system, and the world of Khal'dun (hence the name) This makes sense because my major opponent is my neighbor who plays nids, and thats the area of tau space that the nids are attacking (look at the map), and I like cool technology, and where better to get tau technology than Bork'an? Where did Khal'dun come from? "Bork'an Khal'dun" is the secret burial ground of Ghengis Khan, of all things.

I suggest that you either research your own name (look at asian sort of names for inspiration, or science, history, whatever you like!) or look at a system that you like, come up with a world name, and BLAMO, your own, personalized army! A friend of mine came up with a name for his army by randomly typing on a keyboard... but.. honestly his army name sucks. :-\

Good luck coming up with a cool name, for the greater good of course! O0
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Default Re: New Tau Player: What Do You Think?

Fluff ideas can also come from that map, or from the different enemies you fight (ie game against!), and so on.

I would say build everything a piece at a time, and let it come as it may. Your particular Tau might do much the same as the previous poster's does, and fights Tyranids regularly upon a verdant world filled with exotic jungles, rare plants, and unbelievable amounts of strange metallic particles. The deserts could be a riot of metallic flakes and colours, and the plants might have a strange, shifting manner of coloration to best draw pollinating insects (or dinner, for those plants akin to the Venus Flytrap!).

In this case, the Tau could take their coloration from the unique paint developed from this world, that helps them battle the Tyranids by blending so well into the riotous color-scheme of their world... The unique paint (containing the strange metals and exotic plant-inks) could hide the Tau's own living scents, masking them as effectively as any camoflage. The wild color and unique staining pattern has become a unique facet of this particular Tau's Hunter Cadre, and so they always use it, no matter where they are.

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