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Ethereal Bait?
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Default Ethereal Bait?

I've been thinking about the patient hunter tactic and what would make a suitable baiting unit. However, everything that I thought of (that would be worthwhile for an enemy to attack) was also fairly ough and therefore my opponent may not take the bait.
Then i thought of an ethereal with an honour guard. Casually inform your opponent that this guy is so inspiring that if he dies then all your Tau units may run for the hills. Set the unit up so they look fairly unsupported and then wait.
This is of course a huge gamble as if your opponent does kill your ethereal then you may not have an army left to fight with.....
Would you use this tactic?
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Default Re: Ethereal Bait?

depending if there are any drop troops or if they got a huge range gun and will possibly get shot!
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Default Re: Ethereal Bait?

Originally Posted by DM
depending if there are any drop troops or if they got a huge range gun and will possibly get shot!
Drop troops are a threat, but they can be minimized by keeping a mechanized Fire Warrior team with one man short nearby. When the pods land, mount up and go. Long-range guns are not much of a threat to Ethereals early in the game, as they are normally Independent Characters and rarely viable targets at range.

Ethereals do make great bait, but they are a little obvious in this role. Your opponent will probably spot the trap if he is at all familiar with the Tau.
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