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Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?
View Poll Results: Read the post, and take the poll:
I am a shift Rules Lawyer 6 6.98%
I am barely within the rules, but twisting the intent 4 4.65%
I am fully within the rules, and within the intent 47 54.65%
I am your hero for teaching you how to Powerfist Dodge 29 33.72%
Voters: 86. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 05 Jul 2006, 00:04   #1 (permalink)
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Default Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

I got in a situation in a game yesterday, arguing about a Close Combat 'tactic' I was using that my opponent thought was cheesy, beardy, rules lawyery, etc...

His 5 man Tactical squad, with a Seargent with a Powerfist, VS my 12 Firewarriors.

He charged in, right in the middle of my firing line, and gloated that he was gonna eat me up. His other 4 marines dutifully caused 4 casualties, which I removed from right in front of the Power Fist Seargent. Now, my Firing Line was spread out to near maximum 2" coherency, so when those 4 Firewarriors fell, and the Tau tried to fight back when it was their turn (to little effect.. in fact.. NONE!)... and then at initiative 1, the seargent stood there drooling with his 4 powerfist attacks winding up..... [chuckle!]

[size=15pt]Yet he stood there looking around, but had no one left to hit![/size]

There were no Firewarriors within 2" of the seargent model after I removed those casualties... therefore his powerfist went to waste! I promptly lost the combat, failed morale (YAAAY!), fellback 9", and readied my rapid fire weapons for MY turn.

Now this was all perfectly within the rules and the intent, for ME... But the other guy was utterly disgusted with me. He said something to the effect that "I was twisting the rules for an unfair advantage like the worst kind of Rules Lawyer, and was cowardly for not standing there to let him crush me"

So, NOW, take the Poll!
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Old 05 Jul 2006, 00:17   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

I'm pretty sure it is well within the rules... (unless you remove casualties from the CC only at the end of CC, before rolling for morale... need to check the rule book to make sure)... a little sly, and shifty.. but i'm surprised no one else has done that before (and mentioned it on the forums...)

i'll be sure to use that in the future >
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Old 05 Jul 2006, 00:26   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

I got one question , I don't have my book with me but.
Was the Powerfist Sargent within 2 inches of a Freindly model in base to base contact with your Fire Warriors ? If not then your right , but if the Sargent was then the combat was done incorrectly.
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Old 05 Jul 2006, 00:29   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

As long as the sergeant wasn't in base contact with an enemy model, or wasn't within 2'' of a friendly model who is in base contact, then he was no longer engaged and could not have fought.

In that case you were perfectly in the right, there was no rules lawyering involved at all.
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Old 05 Jul 2006, 00:44   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

as said before your in the right he is in the wrong, I use this tactic many a time to keep my models out of being hit by an opponents slower yet more hurtier stuff (like when 'stealers and a hive tyrant charge me, any deaths are removed first from those models near the tyrant, then from those nearest him, this effectively keeps me in combat, until of course I run away crying to mummy and he promptly runs me over, stupid I6)
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Old 05 Jul 2006, 00:50   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

Cute strategy, I like.
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Old 05 Jul 2006, 01:12   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

some one really needs to set requirements to be called a rules lawyer(get a list of things u need to do to actually be called a rules lawyer sticked or something). otherwise u get threads like, which are basically useless.

author your not actually asking if people think your a rules lawyer, its like posting in the painting forum and asking "so what do u think?" your not actually asking what peope think about it, ur asking them to pay u a compliment on ur crappy paint scheme.

my point is this, this is a usueless question because u knew what kind of response you would get i.e. an all supportive crowd of tau players who of course are going to tell u what your doing is perfectly alright.

if you wanted to actually wanted peoples thoughts you would just post this in the marine/ chaos/ ig / any other board section of TO.
Old 05 Jul 2006, 01:37   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

Also needed is a precision on the definition. If its as in "legal aide" or "guy that can tell you what page everything is on", its pretty damn useful.

But when talking about those trying to argue loopholes into the game... is that even lawyering? more like Rules-lobbyists.
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Old 05 Jul 2006, 01:47   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

This is one of the perils of using a Power Fist, and your opponent should have understood that when he selected it. They are strong and extremely slow to wield. You acted correctly and in accordance with the intent of the rules.
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Old 05 Jul 2006, 02:24   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Powerfist Dodging: Am I a Weasel or Not?

Hmn... if I ever play that space marine wizard (he uses his... i mean the store's codex like a magic book), I'll be sure to use this tactic again with the same reasoning. Priceless when one of the staff agrees with me too.
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