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Am I making a mistake in this?
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Default Am I making a mistake in this?

I like to field three Broadside units, each consisting of only a single suit. In this way, I essentially get the target lock upgrade for free, the bonding knife for free, and the option to upgrade all of them to Shas'vre. My enemy has to target them all separately, I can split them up, and I never have to worry about the new complications with the drones and multiple-toughness units. I am even slightly more protected in close combat. The only drawback is that it eats up three Heavy Support choices, but I don't use Hammerheads and rarely play games upwards of 2,000 points. Is there really any good reason to group them all in one unit?
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Default Re: Am I making a mistake in this?

Only if you want more Heavy Support Choices!

The tactic you described is one I adhere to as much as possible myself; it maximizes your flexibility in ways other armies can only dream of. If you only ever use three Broadsides as your Hvy choices, and never take anything else, then by all means us EVERY Force Organization Slot available.

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Default Re: Am I making a mistake in this?

Excellent idead for your force. I would consider giving them a shield gen each. and you coul upgrade them to sergeant statis and give them a HW multi tracker, if you wanted. Doesn't work for me cause I have 2 hammerheads runing around, or three if I'm fighting space wolves.
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Default Re: Am I making a mistake in this?

I do what you described in small games with my crisis suits, and it rocks ! It seems with broadsides and crisis suits you get the most benifits by either using the maximum or minimum units for the squad. It sounds like it is most ideal for the broadsides because you get all those 72" overlaping fields of fire.
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Default Re: Am I making a mistake in this?

i have to agree entirely with khanaris here, when possible single battlesuits are so much better and cheaper (welll i mean things like not having to take target lock and the ta'lissera knife)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Am I making a mistake in this?

They also survive easier, first the opponent have to target them sepearatly, then you can have 2 sheld drones and a sheld gen. on eatch one ( lots of points)
But the opponent will have to direct a large amount of fire to take them down
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Default Re: Am I making a mistake in this?

An excellent tactic, and one that is all too often overlooked...
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