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Rules Clarification
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Default Rules Clarification

Let's say I take a Shas'el battlesuit with two attached drones as a squadron by itself. If I lose both of the drones, does the crisis have to make an "all on your own" test every turn?
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Default Re: Rules Clarification

No shas'el is independent character and thus doesn't need to roll last man standing in any case.
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Default Re: Rules Clarification

Really? Where does it say that?

As I understand it, an Indepentent Character makes a single "all on your own" test if his squad is lost. If he passes, he does not need to take it again. If he fails, he falls back, but may attempt to rally as normal.

As for the Shas'El... I do not believe drones ever actually count towards morale checks... but I could be mistaken.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Rules Clarification

New rulebook states that independent characters never test for last man standing. (Not sure about page, but it's in the character section)
Also there they say that Independent character is always treated as this (plus some more rules).

Also the TAU codex states that the drones are counted toward unit size and morale checks.

But the commander need to test for morale as his unit lost more than 50% of models first if he lost all drones.
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Default Re: Rules Clarification

What about a broadside unit consisting of a single suit + drones? It was stated in the errata that single battlesuits don't need to take LMS tests, but it didn't specify about drones, as I recall.
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Default Re: Rules Clarification

A single suit (in other words, a squad of one model) never has to take "All On Your Own" tests; it started the battle as a single model, and is presumed to be used to fighting all by his lonesome!

However, adding drones increases the size of the squad, and (as stated above) does count against the total numbers of the squad. In such case, if the Suit lost both of his drones, he would have to start taking "All On Your Own" tests.
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Default Re: Rules Clarification

He would indeed have to start taking tests. "All on your own" tests are meant to represent a persons insticts of self preservation. Even if the broadside guy doesn't really care about the drones, seeing them swatted out of the air by lascannons might make him think, "maybe the next one is for me! Yipe!"
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Rules Clarification

Wargamer is close, He does not have to take an all on your own test ever. He does however have to take a test for a squad recieving over 25% casualties despite becoming independent after their death
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